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Where She’s From: Gina was born in Iraq and left when she was only four months. Her family moved to Greece before coming to the United States.

“My parents have taught me so much. Their ways of raising me was a little strict but it allowed me to blossom with dignity, class, and to respect my self in all ways a woman should,” she tells The Black Star News.

Gina attended Pershing High School in Detroit, Michigan, graduated in 1997 and started her modeling career. “My family didn’t approve of that. They wanted me to go to college and become something,” she says. So Gina attended college for a while, studying journalism. But financial consideration compelled her to start full time work in order to help her family. “I started modeling and doing promotional work at the age of 25,” she adds.

Where She’s At: “I recently did a photo shoot for a hair product, Vital Pro, and that was my first print work. My aspirations are signing up with some major agency in New York or Los Angeles,” Gina says. She’s also done work for Silhouette hair for Sina International Corp.

“Being around negative people that don’t believe in what I’m doing and these people are some of my relatives that I hardly see,” Gina says, when asked about some of the challenges she’s had to deal with. “At a point they almost pulled me into the dark side of their negativity. But I conquered by staying strong and listening to the positive ones and following my inner feelings.”

So how does Gina prepare to step out?
“Baby Phat. Kimora Lee Simmons is a great designer and a beautiful woman that makes other women feel just as beautiful wearing her clothing design,” Gina says. “Bebe, another clothing design that I enjoy wearing. The clothes to me represent class, which describes me well. My makeup brand would be Revlon, Landis and MAC. My favorite perfumes, I have plenty. Two that I love are Giorgio Armani and Gucci.”

Gina’s Words Of Wisdom:  “Always avoid negative people because they’re the ones that will put you down and hate to see you rise.”
Gina’s Secrets Of Success: “To listen to the wise and always follow good direction. Be positive and never sit on your decision and what you’re trying to accomplish.”
Gina’s Favorite Three Films: “Pretty Woman, Seeking Suzan and Training Day.”
Gina’s Favorite Three Books: “Dean Koontz’s Twilight Eyes, Dean Koontz’s The Door To December and T.J. MacGregor’s The Hanged Man.”
Gina’s Favorite Cars: “My favorite luxury car would be a Bentley Coupe just because it’s worth a beautiful house and the car is amazing. I love fast cars so my favorite would be, an Audi R8, I also love some classic cars.”
Gina’s Favorite Entertainers: “Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler, Phil Collins and Madonna.”

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