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Where She’s From: Beautiful songstress Giel, whose Zodiac sign is Aries, was born in Miami, Fl.—her father hails from Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). “The most important things to me are life, family, music and love. All of these things were instilled in me as a result of my upbringing,� she tells The Black Star News.

Giel launched her musical career about a year ago---and the world will be hearing a lot about her in the coming years, judging from her clips on

“I’m still in the beginning stages but rapidly flourishing,� she continued. “I plan to be a Grammy Award Winning artist spreading a message of love and inner strength and eventually getting involved in fighting world poverty with music and a bit more close to home I would like to establish an accredited school of the Arts in Trinidad and Tobago.�

Where She’s At:
“Life is a challenge. It’s up to us to be wide and follow our inner gifts which God has already placed in us to make provision for us to live purposefully,� Giel says, on dealing with obstacles. “The music industry is no easy ride. It’s a sea of clones and worst; the growing trend is to be like someone else. Individuality and the fire within is what should lead you. Staying true to myself and not conforming to what the industry thinks I should do or be has been my second biggest challenge.�

Giel says she feels blessed, having worked with some of the big names in the industry. “P. Diddy, Timbaland, Fat Joe, Kumbia Kings, Puala Dreanada, Lil Wayne, Frankie J, Papa San, Vegas, Ill Factor, Deadbeatbros, Inner Circle---I am most proud of it all,� she says.

How does this beauty with the deliciously wonderful voice prepare to step out? “I am a big Oil of Olay fan,� she says. “I’ve got like everything they make. O love Silk Elements hair care products and anything else with natural minerals and oils like coconut, shea, tea tree, carrot and olive oil moisturizers. I am a big fan of Tracy Evoy perfume, Burberry eau de toilette, Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue and Lacoste.�

“Beauty is power,� Giel adds, “But brains—it’s the wisdom that controls the power. Without self-control, beauty is so easily disgraced.�

Giel’s Words Of Wisdom:
“There’s more than one way to climb a mountain.�
Giel’s Secrets Of Success: “Faith.�
Giel’s Favorite Three Movies: “Spaceballs, Enemy of The State, Ray.�
Giel’s Favorite Three Books: “Book of Psalms, Purpose Driven Life, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.�
The First Three Things Giel Would Do As President: “Pray, organize and sign a Treaty to end world hunger, and make Immigration and employment laws fair and equal for all races.�
Giel’s Favorite Cars: “Ford Mustang---built to last with classic appeal, like my career.�

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