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“I used to be an exotic dancer. I was introduced to the profession during my senior year in college, October 2003, and remained so until March of 2006.

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Where She’s From:
Kahlelah M. Goodine was born on Oct 12th, 1982, in Inglewood, CA, to Gregory and Valencia Goodine. She has an older sister Delilah (Kesha).  “The most important thing I've learned from my parents is to never forget where home is,” she tells The Black Star News.

“My dad told me that no matter what I do or where I go, there is always a candle burning in the window. Also, I have learned from them to not go through life holding tight to material things, even money.  Learn to be able to let things go; through prayer and patience, tangible things will always return.”

Kahlelah attended the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she received a BA in Film & Digital Media. “My first photo shoot was with my college friend, Erika Jones. She was majoring in Art, emphasizing photography,” she adds. “My actual career didn't launch until the beginning of 2005, when I performed in my first fashion show in Fresno, California, of all places, and joined a good friend on her photo shoot, thus becoming my first photo shoot, launching what would be my modeling career.” Photographer Jones site is

Where She’s At:
Kahlelah has walked in several fashion shows, including LA Black Business Expo COOLTURE2007 fashion show and she’s also been a product promo model.

“Because I have invested so much into my career, I see myself eventually in New York, then international,” she says, with confidence. “I know that my future awaits in New York. Fashion editorials, high-profile fashion shows, endorsements,  I see myself indulging in all of that.”

“I tend to stay up late, and get minimal sleep because my mind is constantly moving,” Kahlelah says, when asked how she deals with challenges.

 “Right now I don't have an agent, so I'm juggling work, castings and go-sees, actual gigs-- My main goals are to get a car, a great agency or signed to an agency that is seeking my look, and to make a consistent living through modeling.  Translation?  I want modeling to pay my bills.”
“Combining brainpower and beauty is imperative because beauty is passing, it is short-lived,” Kahlelah cautions, other would –be-models. “Brainpower is a consistent propeller. One will be remembered for her beauty, but respected for her intelligence.”

So how does this beauty prepare to step out?

“Currently I am using Proactiv for facial care. So far, it's making my skin super-smooth. For skin blemishes and dark spots I am using Ambi Fade Cream for oily skin, simply to maintain an even skin tone, which has been working pretty well.  I love Nivea lotion, because of its concentrated thickness, given that I have very dry skin.  I enjoy a wide variety of makeup; I love Mary Kay cosmetics because it was the first product line that actually made a difference in how my skin appeared before usage—I used to be a beauty consultant—but currently I'm using Kiss Colors foundation and loose powder, and different eye and cheek colors, Smashbox, Kiss Colors, Black Opal, Milani, Tropez, Tarte…”

Kahlelah’s Words Of Wisdom: “Strive for what you desire. God knows the desires of your heart, so if you pray to Him and open up your heart, He will answer.”
Kahlelah’s Secrets Of Success: “Actually my secret is simply being the best I can be in all endeavors.”
Kahlelah’s Favorite Three Movies: “I'd have to say anything from Tyler Perry, and Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2.”
Kahlelah’s Favorite Three Books: “Sister, Sister by Eric Jerome Dickey, anything from Iyanla Vanzant, and I really like the book of Exodus. My father taught a Bible study serious on it, and how Moses led his people out of Egypt. Extremely captivating story.”
Leaders That Have Inspired Kahlelah: “My parents inspire me, because through all their trials and tribulations, including a drug addiction, they have somehow withstood all battles, and remained together.  I greatly admire my mother and father for all they have taught me, raising me with discipline even though they were not in the best of positions, and keeping a roof over our heads, no matter what Satan has tossed our way.”
The First Three Things Kahlelah Would Do As President: “First, end this senseless war. Second, create a law that makes all hate incidents illegal along with hate crimes—it's funny how people differentiate between the two, I know from personal experience. Third, redirect government money to building homeless shelters and jobs for the poor.”
Kahlelah’s Favorite Cars: “Mercedes Benz will always be my all-time favorite.  Since Junior High, I have admired the sophistication and elegance of the Benz.”
Kahlelah’s Favorite Entertainers: “Beyonce and Alicia Keyes are at the top of my list for ladies.  Gentlemen would currently be Trey Songz, Jay-Z and 50 Cent.”
Kahlelah’s Favorite websites: “Model Mayhem and Myspace.”
Optional Kahlelah Story: “I used to be an exotic dancer. I was introduced to the profession during my senior year in college, October 2003, and remained so until March of 2006.  I met a guy who pretty much swept me off my feet, for lack of a better explanation. I trusted and confided in him, and my love for him soon followed. He managed dancers, and it wasn't like he began in the midst of our relationship. This was his profession at the time, and I did not feel it would have been nice to judge based on what one does, if they were professional about it.
What soon emerged were problems with women, how I viewed myself as a person my accomplishments, failures, and relationship strife. I thought to myself, 'how could I be a college grad-turned-adult entertainer? Well, it's very simple; it's all about choices. My downward spiral did not involve drugs, however, physical, mental and emotional pain were my consequences. March 2006 marked my unwanted but necessary move back home and I fought it tooth and nail. My move was the best thing to happen to me. Moral to this story? Anybody can make mistakes, and anybody can been redeemed, if they wish to be.”

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