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Where She's From: Jade Moffet Barr, whose sign is Aquarius, was born in Bellevue, Nebraska on February 14,1991.

“I have grown up all over the world,” the young model tells The Black Star News, on the account of her father being in the Air Force. Barr has lived in England, New Mexico, and California. The family’s next and last move takes them to Rhode Island, after the New Year.

“The most important thing I have learned from my parents and family is to always be proud of my heritage and where I came from,” Barr notes. “I am mixed with so many things and I learned to be proud of that from my mother since she is mixed also. My parents also taught me to work hard for what I want because in life hard work does pay off. I also learned that education is important and no matter where I head in modeling, my education has to come first. My parents set that example by going back to school to get their degrees so I could follow.”

Barr has been home-schooled for the last four years. “I love being home with my mother teaching me. It gives me the chance to take classes I wouldn't otherwise be able to take in a public school,” she says.  

Where She's At: Barr has already been approached by two modeling agencies but has opted to wait until she moves to New York before signing—she does independent work in the meantime and keeps improving her portfolio.

“My aspirations are to hopefully end up with a contract for someone like Covergirl,” she says. “I would love to see myself doing magazine covers and shoots for publications like Cosmo Girl or Seventeen—something along those lines.”

“I have faced a lot of prejudice from all races,” Barr says, when asked how she deals with life’s challenges. “What I always do is show the best sides to me and show the genuine me to change a person’s mind. I try to get people to see beyond the race issue and into the heart of who I am.”

“Getting started in modeling, I never realized I could do it until my friend’s father, Tommy McInnis, took photos of me and showed me a side that everyone saw but I didn't,” she continues. “That gave me the courage to just put myself out there and forge ahead.” 

“If you combine brains with beauty you can be taken more seriously,” Barr adds. “It lets people know that there is so much more to who you are. Brains can take you to the top regardless of your looks. However in modeling looks have to be a part of the package. When you add brains to that mix it completes the package and to me helps make a person a great success.”

So how does this model with a long future ahead of her dress to step out?

“I love my Pantene hair products,” she says. “They make my hair so soft and healthy. I cannot live with out my Victoria’s Secret lotion and body spray. Love Spell is my favorite and the scent last all day. I cannot live without my Vaseline lip therapy. It keeps my lips from getting chapped. L'Oreal dark brown eye liner is something that has become my favorite also. As for clothes, I love Baby Phat. The purses, the jeans, anything Baby Phat I love. My favorite is this Cab Cap I have.”
Barr’s Words Of Wisdom: “Never ask from others what you yourself can't give. My mother taught me that. Also, take each day as it comes, make the most of it no matter what because nothing can change it but you.”
Barr’s Secrets Of Success: “I keep a positive attitude no matter what. If I fall, I get right back and go for it again—I am always happy. Most people who know me can't believe how happy I am but it is true. If I can't make myself happy, who can?”
Barr’s Favorite Three Movies: “The Notebook, Finding Nemo and The Others.”
Barr’s Favorite Three Books: “Jemima J, A Child Called It and Lost Boy, Lost Girl.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Barr: “Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Rosa Parks.”
The First Three Things Barr Would Do As President: “Try to stop so much violence in the streets; try to take care of the amount of homeless in our country; and handle the situation with Immigration better.”
Barr’s Favorite Cars: “Jaguar-I have just loved them since I was little. I like the older ones though. Armada-I sat in one a few weeks ago and just fell in love with everything about it. Very roomy.”
Barr’s Favorite Entertainers And Songs: “Akon- I Can't Wait;  Every song Christina Aquilera has done. She is so tiny but her voice is just so powerful.”
Barr’s Five Favorite Websites:Myspace.com, Model Mayhem, Photobucket.com, Blackstarnews.com,   lMSN.com News.”

A Short Barr Story: “My friend’s dog got lost. Of course that day it had to be raining and my aunt and I went out to look for him. His name was Romeo. While we were out I walked across some grass. Of course it was slippery and I flew across the grass right on my butt, like I was on a slippery slide and when I looked up I was headed straight for a pole. There was nothing I could do about it so I just let it happen. I hit the pole. Hurt pretty bad. I was sore but ok. I didn't feel so bad because my aunt also fell and hit her head off the pole. I think I made out a lot better than she did. It was really funny because that is just our luck. We found the dog though.”

For more on this young beauty see: www.myspace.com/lil_bb_101

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