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Where She’s From: Beautiful Jessica Sutherland was born at Jackson Memorial on February 12th, 1990. “I was raised in North Miami Beach and I currently reside in Pembroke Pines, Florida,” she tells The Black Star News. “The most  important things I learned from my parents as a growing child was how to be humble, patient, and ambitious.”
Sutherland went to Dade Schools from pre-k to third grade; from 4th grade through 12th grade she attended Broward schools before heading to Everglades High School. “I consider my career to blossoming as the seasons allow it to,” she says, of her young career. “God will allow me to have it when my time comes. I'm not rushing, just patiently waiting and working towards my goals.”

Where She’s At:
“I see my career going far beyond my reach. To great heights,” Sutherland adds. “Acting in short films and school plays allows me to be flexible in my field.”

She even finds time as a director of a Foundation, to give out scholarships. She wants to get her college degree in child and clinical psychology while minoring in real estate—obviously this lady has a game plan.

“Some challenges I may face are trying to balance modeling, acting, and pageants all at the same time,” Sutherland admits. “But I plan accordingly and some way some how I get it all done. If I'm not stressed I am stressed. I love to be active although it may be a lot.”

This young talent has already scored some impressive achievements, being on a short film, a production of The Wiz, and publishing a magazine, "AZUAR" (, for men and women.

“Looks only get you so far,” the young lady cautions other aspirants. “Everything about a human ages; even the mind. The brain goes for the better. You become so wise after so much experience and it’s important to combine beauty and the brain. There would be so many more opportunities.”

So how does young Sutherland prepare to step outside? “I absolutely love Bath & Body Wash Products; Cucumber Melon, Warm Vanilla, Apple, & Gardenia-Bath Wash, Body Spray, Hand Lotion, Hand Sanitizer, & Candles. I just love the aroma. I love Coco Chanel; anything. It's very classy to me. I can’t do without my Juicy Couture Perfume. It lasts and I smell great. Some clothing I wear is mostly Forever 21. I also cannot do without my Pink Lip Gloss. No brands to specify just color. I love heels.”

Sutherland’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Love life unconditionally.”
Sutherland’s Secrets Of Success: “There is a way for everything. Start out little and never complain. Be humble, patient, and ambitious.”
Sutherland’s Favorite Three Movies: “Napoleon Dynamite; Talagada Knights; and, Borat.”
Sutherland’s Favorite Three Books: “Harry Potter The Sorcerer's Stone; Fabulosity; and, Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”
Three Black Leaders That Have Most Influenced Sutherland: “Nelson Mandela; Oprah Winfrey; and, Tyra Banks.”
The First Three Things Sutherland Would Do As President: “Make English a requirement, more so than Spanish; mind my own business and stay out of other countries; and, adopt also a Wet Foot Dry Foot policy for Haitian immigrants.” 
Some Of Sutherland’s Favorite Cars: “Mercedes because it’s clean and classy; Crossfire; Infiniti G35 Sedan; Pontiac Solstice; Porsche Boxter; and, Range Rover.”
Sutherland’s Favorite musicians: “Alicia Keys-Butterflies; Neyo-Let go; Sade-Somebody Already Broke My Heart;
Beyonce-Déjà vu; and, Kem-Cant Stop Loving You."
Sutherland’s Five Favorite Websites: “;;;; and,”


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