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Where She’s From: Jessica Lewis, a Sagittarius, was born and raised in Detroit, MI. “My parents divorced when I was four and my mother didn’t marry again until I was nine,� she tells The Black Star News. “The one thing I learned from my parents is independence. My mother was always there no matter what but she made sure I didn’t depend on anyone.�

After St. Martin DePorres High school, Jessica attended Saginaw Valley State University and studied photography and theater. She says the major influences on her while growing up came from her older brother Lamarr Lewis and her cousins Chris Bryant, Rachel Gherls, Rhea and Rayne Roberts. “Their free spirits and animated personalities are what made me who I am today. I love life more than anything and I try to make the best of it. I knew I wasn’t cut out for a 9 to 5 because I could never keep a job. It just wasn’t enough for me, I wanted something more, something exciting and I definitely wanted to travel.�

What better than a modeling career then? But it wasn’t until high school that she even dreamt of being a part of the fashion industry. “Before that I was a full blown tomboy, I was on the varsity basketball team in ninth grade and I always walked around in hoop shorts and tank tops,� she recalls with a laugh. “That is until I met my best friend MaKay, and she molded me into this girl. I discovered that was kind of cute.� So did the rest of the world.

Where She’s At: Still, Jessica has no illusions about the business. “My older brother always pushed me to be tough and to always go for something better than average and I thank him for that because the modeling industry is cut throat in so many words. You have to have a tough skin when dealing with this amount of exposure.  I did have to give up modeling for a year in 2004 when I became pregnant with my now two-year-old son Andre Jr. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and he’s the only motivation I’ll ever need to make it in the modeling industry. I believe my animated personality, smarts and charm will definitely get me quite far.�

Jessica says she’s also inspired by people such as Milla Jovovich, who went from modeling to acting—and she can actually act! “Every movie she's done so far she's been amazing and that's what I want to do. She along with other successful models has proven that models can do more than stand there a look pretty,� Jessica adds.
Where She’s Heading: Jessica also wants to combine photojournalism into her career: “I want to go back to school to continue my studies in photography to become a photojournalist. Having the ability to write down what you see in such an elaborate way that you paint a picture for your readers is just absolutely amazing to me. Not only do I want to take pictures, but I want you to see what I see.�

Jessica says the toughness she’s inherited from her mother has also enabled her to deal with serious challenges in her life including raising her child alone. “Dealing with the fact that my little brother and my son’s father are in jail and being a single mother—I miss my little brother everyday and sometimes I really wish I could do something to bring him home sooner but I feel pretty helpless right now,� she says. “All I do is write him letters and talk to him on the phone. Making him feel loved and him knowing that I think about him all the time is my way of conquering it to the best of my ability. As far as being a single mother, raising a child is work! And that’s something I have to conquer everyday, especially with his father being gone. I love my son with everything I have in me but I don’t let having a child stop me from accomplishing my goals in life. What I’m doing will benefit both of us in the future and giving him a wonderful life is most important to me.�

Jessica’s professional achievements include doing a fashion runway show in New York called the Champagne Fashion Brunch. “I was brought in on it by Andres Aquino, he was so much fun to work with and he made my experience very memorable. The designer was Oksana Mukha and her dresses were absolutely beautiful, it was an honor to model them,� she adds.

Her cautionary words to other aspiring models? “Beauty only gets you so far and eventually it will fade. You need to have smarts to push further forward, without smarts you’ll just be remembered as the woman who used to be beautiful not the woman who accomplished more than just a modeling career.�
How does Jessica get ready to step out? “I use Neutrogena facial wash and body wash. It makes me feel so fresh. I use Keri lotion—makes my skin soft and keeps it from becoming cracked and damaged. As far as clothing, I wear what I’m comfortable in and I like looking different.�

Jessica’s Words of wisdom:
"Problems are opportunities in disguise.�
Jessica’s Secrets Of Success:  “Just being myself—my character is so inviting that people just want to work with me and be around me. I’m a friendly, smart, outgoing person and I believe that’s just what is needed to be successful. You have to be aware of your surroundings and the people you’re working with, but you also can’t be stuck up and risk burning bridges because that particular person might not ever want to work with you again and they WILL spread the word.�
Jessica’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “The Matrix—all three, Just Friends, A Walk to Remember, Finding Nemo—I could go on forever.�
Jessica’s Favorite Book: “A Walk to Remember.�
The First Three Things Jessica Would Do As President of USA: “End the war, lower gas
prices and provide jobs for unemployed citizens.�
Jessica’s Favorite Cars And Why: “Range Rover—I love that truck!�

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