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Where She’s From: Loreal S. Jones was born in Franklin, Kentucky, and raised in Clarksville, Tennessee until the age of 12 and then was raised in Russellville, KY.

“The most important things I've learned from my parents is to do my best in everything I do and go for my dreams,” Loreal says.

She is currently attending Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY, where she is a junior. “I started modeling in June 2007 as a runway model, but now I have more experience in other areas. So far 2008 is going great for me,” she adds.

Where She’s At: “I see my modeling career going very far. I really hope to be in big time magazines and in calendars,” Loreal continues. “I am proud to have been in two runway shows in Louisville, KY and the photo shoots I have to come. Although models can be judged on beauty, I would have to say that having brains is a must in order to make it in this industry.”

So how does this emerging model prepare to step out?

“As long as the clothes are cute, I don't really look into it that much as to whether or not it’s a brand name,” Loreal says. “I mean I do wear some brand name clothes, but it’s not extremely important. My favorite lotion is Keri and as far as perfume goes, I just buy what smells good.”

Loreal’s Words Of Wisdom: “Don't let rejection stop you from fulfilling your dreams.”
Loreal’s Secrets Of Success: “Being confident and going after what I want.”
Loreal’s Favorite Three Movies: “Roger Rabbit, Superstar, and The Color Purple.”
Loreal’s Favorite Three Books: "We'll Meet Again, Loves Music, Loves to Dance, and All Around The Town."
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Loreal: “God, my Moma, and Tyra Banks.”
The First Three Things Loreal Would Do As President: “Provide better health care for everyone; lower tuition; and, eliminate hunger around the world.”
Loreal’s Five Favorite Entertainers: “Plies, 50 cent, Yo Gotti, Lil Boosie, and Missy Elliott.”
Loreal’s Five Favorite websites:,,,, and

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