Kimberly Woods: Star In Waiting

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Where She’s From: It’s only a question of time before Kimberly Woods is referred to as a “stunning� screen beauty. Born, in St. Louis, Missouri, she lived in St. Charles, Missouri until she was eight before relocating to Delaware.

She now lives in Los Angeles, CA, pursuing her dreams. “The most important lessons I learned from my parents is that if I aim high and strive hard for my goals, I can accomplish anything,� she tells The Black Star News. “They have always believed in me and supported my decisions.�

Her mother encouraged her to apply to top schools and she ended up at Ivy league, Princeton University, and her number one choice. “I may not have applied and would have missed out on all the fond memories I made during my years there,� she adds. She graduated from Princeton in 2005 with B.A. in psychology and certificates in Neuroscience and Theatre.

She grew up doing dance recitals, cheerleading competitions, and church musicals, and started modeling at 16. “Acting classes and student films at the University initially sparked my interest in the acting,� she says. “The summer after my junior year I was awarded a couple internships in LA at production companies on the Warner Bros. lot. I knew then that I wanted to move out to LA after graduation to pursue acting.�

Where She’s At: “I’ve only been out in LA a little over a year,� Kimberly says. “There is so much I want to accomplish. I still feel like I have a lot more to learn as I continue to study my craft. I probably will always feel that way.�

She’s also pursuing her entrepreneurial goals and together with her boyfriend, Andrew Jordan, a filmmaker and Princeton Alum, formed Daybreak Independent, their production company  (website soon at “We already have a good sense of what types of movies we’d like to see being created, cleverly crafted movies that excite and challenge people,� she adds.
Whenever she faces challenges, she says, the words that come to her mind are “patience, endurance, perseverance, and diligence.� That’s how she’s coped with the initial rejections that come in the entertainment business. Yet, none of those compare with a much more serious challenge she had to overcome. “I had to take a year off from Princeton because I had a mono-like virus,� she explains. “It was a very frustrating time, because the doctors didn’t really know what I had. They knew that eventually I would get better, but not specifically when.�

She eventually graduated with the class of ’05, instead of ’04. Within two months of her LA arrival, she had joined the Screen Actors Guild.

Where She’s Heading: “Beauty without brains can only get you so far, before it becomes a bore,� she warns young aspiring models and actors. “On the other hand, if you’re a talking head just spurting out facts that is also dull. There has to be a balance. It’s the type of person you are on the inside and what you have to say that is really able to allow you to influence someone. There has to be an inner-beauty that shines through as well as an ability to carry on an intelligent conversation.�

Kimberly’s Words Of Wisdom: “Cherish every second you have on this earth, because you don’t know which one will be your last. Chase after your dreams and always believe in yourself.�
Kimberly’s Secrets Of Success: “Self-confidence, perseverance, diligence.�
Kimberly’s  Favorite All Time Three Movies: “The Usual Suspects, Love Actually, Little Children.�
Kimberly’s  Favorite All Time Three Books: “George R.R. Martin series: Song of Ice and Fire.�
First Four Things Kimberly Would Do As President Of USA: “Try to solve the problems of Racism in this country; change definition of marriage to include same-sex couples; figure out preventative measures to combat Global Warming; and, make Medical Care more accessible to all.�
Final Observations One Day At End Of Career: “Kimberly Woods is an award-winning actress who moves us all with her clever, heart-felt performances and uses her fame to help those less fortunate around the world.�

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