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Where She’s From:
Beautiful Ksyn Cason was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. “The most important thing I learned from my family as a whole, especially my grandfather, is that it takes nothing to be nobody but it takes something to be somebody and that is what I try to live by in my day to day life,” she tells The Black Star News.

Ksyn attended the Bronx Leadership Academy High School and Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire. “I launched my career when I was about nine years old, I started out dancing--ballet, African, and the older I got the more involved I became in the arts and all of its aspects.”

Where She’s At: “Right now I consider my career to be at an intermediate level and it is still growing,” she continues.

“I am an entertainer by trade. I love to perform so I see my career going wherever I want it to lead. Right now I am heavily working on my dance career as well as the modeling and just started getting into acting, so my aspirations would have to be to do what I love and make it a living for myself.”

“One of the challenges right now would have to deal with chocolate sisters in the industry and the lack there of,” Ksyn says, when asked how she overcomes obstacles in the industry. “It seems harder, especially with the modeling, when you are brown skinned than any thing else. With each gig I book, video I shoot, and magazine I am in, I feel like I am helping to conquer that challenge, making it a little bit easier and giving us more exposure. There are a lot of chocolate sisters out there that are beautiful inside and out and in this industry we are represented well but not enough.”

“I am most proud of the role I booked for a movie recently, starring Terrence Howard, Channing Tatum and many more talented actors and actress,” Ksyn continues. “It’s a small role but I am definitely proud of myself for taking on the challenge of something new. Big thanks to Dito, the director for making that possible.”
“It is important to combine brainpower and beauty because it makes you more of a threat,” adds Ksyn. “Most people believe that you can only have either or especially when it comes to women and that is not the case. We as women can posses it all and still remain the beautiful, intelligent, and smart individuals that we are.”

So how does this lovely young model and actress prepare to step outside?

“I wear a lot of Apple Bottoms, Express and Ecko clothing because there jeans fit me the best and Express carries XXS in their shirts,” she says. “I also have a lot of Baby Phat shoes and bags due to the funky and elegant designs. I use MAC make up for almost everything and I wear Brittany Spears Curious perfume because its scent is so fab.”

Ksyn’s Words Of Wisdom: “Stick to your guns. If you don't feel comfortable don't do it. Your instinct is also like your security alarm.”
Ksyn’s Secrets Of Success: “Grind hard. No one gets anywhere overnight. You have to work for it and earn it. Just sitting around will get you no where.”
Ksyn’s Favorite Three Movies: “School Days, Jason's Lyric and my all time fave is Purple Rain.”
Ksyn’s Favorite Book: “Anything from Zane.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Ksyn: “Katherine Dunham, Madame C J Walker, Patti La Belle.”
The First Three Things Ksyn Would Do As President: “End the war in Iraq, install affordable after school programs into out schools to help improve the issues with our youth, and fund programs to assist with the youth if they decide to continue their education after high school as well as college because the College system is more like a business instead of an outlet for higher learning which is preventing our youth from continuing their education.”
Ksyn’s Five Favorite Website: “Myspace.”

For more on this model-actress with a great future  www.myspace.com/miss_ksyns_world

For bookings Ksyn@MissKsyn.com

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