LA’s Stunning Chiandra Washington

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Where She’s From: Lovely Chiandra Washington, a.k.a. Sexy Shawn, was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Since she was able to promote her skills effectively in 2005 her career took off to supermodel status.

She went to School in California and attended some College in North Carolina before deciding to launch her career. “I have so many aspirations, I don’t know where to start discussing them,� she tells The Black Star News.

“The most important thing I learned from my mom was to stay honest and humble,� she says. “As quick as you can get fame, God can just as quickly take it away it you take him for granted. My mother instilled in me the desire to give back and treat people the way I would want to be treated—not matter how they may be treating you.�

Still, she concedes that sometimes the traveling and living from a suitcase and one hotel to another can be tiring—but there are also rewards in the industry.

Where She’s At: She has had numerous advertisement campaigns, appeared on several fashion shows and music videos. “I love it all because of my versatility,� she says. “There is nothing I can’t do, from high fashion to glamour.� Washington is signed to an ad agency and is also represented by a manager and lawyer. She cautions others to be careful –and to control their careers—so that sharks don’t take advantage of them.

Where She’s Heading: In addition to magazine covers, she also completed her first season on New York’s Fashion Week. “That was a huge accomplishment, and doing a Guess Jeans campaign,� she recalls.

“Obviously, you need beauty in this industry but you also need to be business minded,� she adds. “This is one of the toughest industries and not for the weak minded.�

How does Washington get ready to step out? “The jeans I wear are Sevens because they are long enough for my legs,� she says. “I like Baby Phat also if the length is right. I only wear MAC products as far as makeup. It lasts and the pigments are incredible. I like Perry Ellis 360 as far as perfume and any type of shoe. I am a shoe freak.�

Washington’s Words Of Wisdom: “Live life everyday like it’s your last.�
Washington’s Secrets To Success: “Stay on your grind-morning, noon, and night.�
Washington’s Three Favorite Movies: “Shaw Shank Redemption, Coming To America, and Friday.�
Washington’s Three Favorite Books: “Coffee Will Make You Black, The Notebook, Cheaters.�
First Three Things Washington Would Do As President: “I would help reduce unemployment, help reduce the price of gas, and provide further assistance for the victims of Katrina.�
At The End Of Her Career Words To Describe her: “She came, she saw, and she conquered.�

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