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Where She’s From:
Lakienya F, a Leo, was born and reared in what is colloquially referred to as “da bottom” or sunny Miami, Florida.

Both her parents are from the U.S. Virgin Islands; her dad, from St. John and mom, St. Thomas.

“As a result, I’ve spent countless summers visiting my grandparents and other extended family,” she tells The Black Star News. “The words of my hardworking, never-giving-up mother has stuck with me most. ‘Can’t is not a word. You can always do whatever it is you put your mind to and remember life and death is in the power of the tongue so what you speak comes to life.’”

Where She’s At: Lakienya earned a Bachelors of Business Administration Management from Georgia State in 2004. She modeled briefly beginning in 2002 but it’s only now that she has “re-launched” with dedication and focus.

“The only direction is up from where I stand because you can never reach for anything sitting down, right?” she says, when asked about her career plans. “My aspirations include placement in countless major print ads and TV commercials leading to opportunities as an actress. My main goal is to break the height restriction barrier in runway modeling.”

Lakienya meditates to ward off any fearful feelings. “I meditate on the words II Timothy 1:7 which read ‘God did not give us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.’ So with a sound mind and power to move forward, I think like Nike—to ‘just do it.’”

She is a strong believer in giving back as is a member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Georgia Chapter of Team in Training; she completed the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in San Diego, CA on June 4, 2006. Her team has raised millions of dollars towards cancer research.

“Brainpower is an essential supplement to beauty because you always have to be wise about your business decisions,” she cautions others who aspire for a career in entertainment. While beauty, both inside and out, is compulsory in this business; it’s brainpower that leads you to success. I could not have said it better than Producer, Brian-Michael Cox, ‘It’s about making logical decisions not being smart or dumb.’”

So how does this lovely model prepare to step out?

“I wear what makes me feel alive and I wear it like a work of art. I realize that not just as a model, but as a person in general, I am a walking billboard, but marketing costs. So if you have the brand that this 5’8”, 115 pound canvas can display as a live work of art, we can talk business.”

Lakienya adds: “When it comes to skin care, quality products are essential.  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is the only lotion that leaves my sensitive skin feeling moisturized, soft and evenly toned all day long; all year round. On an everyday basis, makeup is minimal on my sensitive skin; I tend to keep it natural.  However, when it’s time to jazz it up, I find that MAC Cosmetics and Revlon products do just the trick for a stunningly beautiful face. My shoes are generally different that what’s seen everyday. When shoe shopping I look for unique style, extra comfort and affordable pricing. A few brands that meet those requirements include Jessica Simpson, Nine West, Steve Madden, Mossimo, Michael Antonio, Nike, Puma, Adidas, and ProKeds.”

Lakienya’s Words Of Wisdom: “I so firmly believe that greatness is knowing who you are but striving to manifest your divine destiny in life through God.”
Lakienya’s Secrets To Success: “It’s proven fact that hard work, drive, and determination will get you there as long as you never give up. Life’s a journey.  Develop a plan and do everything in your power to see that plan through
to fruition.”
Lakienya’s Favorite Three Movies: “Sister Act II, Brown Sugar, Do the Right Thing.”
Lakienya’s Favorite Three Books: “Purpose Driven Life; a guide to unveiling your destiny in life. Secrets Of An Irresistible Woman, by Cynthia Mckinney; explains the essence of love and relationships. Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe; analyzes human qualities common to all men regardless of time or place.”
The Leaders That Have Most Inspired Lakienya: “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks.”
The First Three Things Lakienya Would Do As President: “I would more strictly enforce immigration laws; reform tax laws; and, revisit the Preamble to remind government what we declared in our independence and ensure those justices.
Lakienya’s Favorite Car: “My one and only favorite car is the BMW. I guess it all started with my father, a race car driving, mechanic and huge fan of Bob Marley and the Wailers.  Needless to say, I became a fan as well.  As a child I was told that the band only drove BMWs because it ironically coincided with the acronym of the band’s name:  BMW=Bob Marley and the Wailers…”
Lakienya’s Favorite Five Entertainers And Songs: “Lauryn Hill-entire Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill album; Yolanda Adams-Open My Heart; Goapele-Closer; Stevie Wonder-Ribbon in the Sky; John Legend-Each Day Gets Better; Erykah Badu-In Love with You.”
Lakienya’s Favorite Five Websites: “;;;;”

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