Lenore: Philly’s Leggy Lovely

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Where She’s From: Beautiful Lenore Johnson, a Gemini, was born in Newark, NJ. “The most important things I have learned from my parents is that I can live outside the box and not worry about what other people think of me,� she tells The Black Star News. “How to develop self confidence in situations by just being me. It's a hard journey. People are now always receptive, but somewhere, someone will be.�

Johnson took some college courses while she was in the US Army. She launched her career in 2003 shortly after leaving the service. She was in "Naturally You!" Magazine in Philadelphia.

Where She’s At: Johnson doesn’t mind the challenges and obstacles in the industry that most models and actresses talk about. “The entertainment industry is a challenge to get into in itself. Every aspect is a challenge and that is why I like it,� she explains. “The creativity and the true perseverance you have to have at some level just to make it. There are no rules so that is an asset and a challenge.�

“The most important thing is brainpower,� Johnson cautions other aspiring models. “Beauty can be brought or made. Brainpower is something to prize and if you have both through luck or engineering it’s a priceless combination. You can use beauty as a shield and the brain as a sword.�

Where She’s Heading: “I hope to one day get to a point where I can represent Black women positively,� she says. “I would love to get further in fashion, print, runway and do commercials. I also want to go expand showing my artwork and publish some books of poetry.�

So how does Johnson get ready to step out? “Clinique skin products and MAC studiotech foundation and their powder,� she says. “I have some favorite perfumes but prefer essential oils like rose, lavender, jasmine and vanilla. With clothes, it's how it fits me and the item so it's really just what appeals at the moment. And I'm curvy and small with long legs so I have a hard time finding pants that fit like I want.�

Johnson’s Words Of Wisdom: “You never know unless you try.�
Johnson’s Secrets Of Success: “Setting goals and reinventing the way you think. Get away from fake people that just want to use you.�
Johnson’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Usual Suspects, The Shawshank Redemption, Original Sin.�
Johnson’s Favorite All Time Book: “Memoirs of a Geisha.�  
The First Three Things Johnson Would Do As President: “Universal health care for everyone, protect our wildlife and nature, and wear a bulletproof vest.�
Johnson’s Favorite Car And Why: “The Audi Quatro Turbo TT. It's beautiful, fast and attainable.�

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