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Where She’s From: Nina Malone was born in Spaldings, Manchester, Jamaica and raised in Washington, D.C. and Bristol, England.

“Because of my mixed upbringing and heritage I learnt about different cultures,” she tells The Black Star News. “I also travelled a lot and got to see many different things and people.” 
The young beauty attended schools in DC and Bristol and then went to stage school in Cambridge, where she completed a degree in professional dance and musical theatre.

“I’m working everyday and have enough to be comfortable and I know this industry can be hard to survive in, but I’m constantly looking for more and always want to progress and learn,” Nina adds. “I’d love to get more into acting. I aspire to have a long healthy career.”

Where She’s At: “In the UK, it’s very color blind,” Nina explains, when asked how she deals with challenges. “If an agency has one mixed girl on the books then it’s hard for another one to get on as they think there will not be enough work, this can be a good and bad.”

Nina has scored work on several projects and campaigns, including: Kanye West the Brit Awards 2006; Corrine Bailey Rae Brit Awards 2007; Madonna and Justin Video 2008; La Senza 2008; Bollywood films; and, Zee Awards 2007.” 
So how does Nina prepare to step out? 
“I wear La Senza, because I work for them and they fit me well,” she says, and when it comes to perfumes and make up, “Nars, Jadore dior, Mac; I  love it and most make up artists use it on me. It’s a good base for me.” 
Nina’s Words Of Wisdom:
“What’s for you won’t go by you.”  
Nina’s Secrets Of Success: “I know why the caged bird sings—self confidence, self belief and to keep on going.” 
Nina’s Favorite Movies: “Cinema Paradiso, The Note Book and Pans Labyrinth.” 
Nina’s Favorite Authors: “Maya Angelou and Alice Walker.” 
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Nina: “Maya Angelou, the Buddha, Che.”

First Three Things Nina Would Do As President: “Erase world debt, better medication for people who need them, better protection for children in need.” 
Nina’s Favorite Entertainer And Songs: “Stevie Wonder is my all time favorite—I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer; Ribbons In The Sky, and Another Star.”

Nina’s Five Favorite websites: “,myspace, facebook, model mayhem,”

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