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Where She’s From:
Channing Andreya, whose Zodiac sign is Virgo, was born in Topeka, KS, and raised in Augusta, GA, Fortworth, TX and finally in her parents’ hometown in Memphis, TN.

“The most important things I've learned from my parents and relatives is that the meek shall inherit the Earth, with Christ all things are possible, and that excellence and how well you do in life is about the choices you make,� Andreya tells The Black Star News.

“My parents taught me the importance of self respect, education, dignity and prayer. My family, collectively, has shown me there is no limit to success and excellence can be achieved daily.�

“Education was also stressed in my family because my father's side of the family is filled with teachers, lawyers and doctors. My grandpee always checked to make sure throughout my college career that I'm still enrolled. Overall, the fact that life is about choices and decisions has been re-enforced over and over. My mom always says ‘you have a choice between steak and bologna, now are you gonna just eat bologna or are you gonna have the option.’�

Where She’s At:
Andreya is currently attending The University of Memphis in Memphis, TN where she is graduating this August with a B.A in Business Economics and a minor in Spanish—she’s on full academic scholarship.

Andreya also attended the State University Of New York at Stony Brook where she launched her career two years ago. “Due to a prideful and arrogant attitude I had while living in New York my successes were limited and instead I experienced many humbling experiences and a lot of rejection,� she continues.

“I was going about things with the wrong attitude and I'm glad I was rejected then because I needed to mature and understand things better before entering fully into the industry. Now things are better and after graduation I will be able to do more, going to school full time and modeling doesn't allow me to put 100 percent in both places at the time but in August it's showtime.�

Where She’s Heading:
“I see my career as boundless and my aspirations go further than just the industry and being a ‘pretty face’ or ‘eye candy,’� Andreya adds. “I want to evoke change and see, as a result of my platform, young women who respect themselves, a young generation that believes in education, respects one another, our history, that has a strong faith, and is motivated to pursue their dreams and stand for what is right.�

Andreya concedes the modeling industry has its many obstacles. “Some of the challenges I had and what many industry people have problems dealing with is rejection and nasty attitudes,� she explains.

“To deal with these two I had to remind myself that rejection is protection and that every job is not for you. There are so many jobs and so much money in the world that just because one place says ‘no’ doesn't mean you quit because somebody somewhere is looking for someone like you. Models are like artwork, some people love it and others don't understand it; everyone's tastes and preferences are different but someone somewhere will love your look.�

“As far as the nasty attitudes I just remember that the world didn't like the most perfect man that ever graced the face of the earth so they won't like you either,� she adds. “You just have to smile and let it roll off your back. You have the power to make the decision to be un-offendable. Every ‘no’ is bringing you closer to a ‘yes’ and you shouldn't let anything stop you from fulfilling your purpose for being here. If you know what you're doing is your calling, then you know He will make a way.�

Andreya has already been in several major campaigns, including the face of #1 hair gel in America for women of color Ampro and coordinating fashion shows for the Bridal Rhapsody Extravaganza.

“It’s important to combine brainpower and beauty because in the words of my good friend Toni, ‘There's nothing cute about no dumb chick.’ Regardless of the inner or outer beauty,  knowledge is power,� she continues. “As long as you know how to do something or about something you will never be stuck in a difficult place. You'll always be able to innovate, create, mandate and motivate if you have the knowledge. The mistakes I made that prolonged success in my career was due to ignorance. My lack of knowledge held me back before, but never again. Beauty is passing but knowledge is intangible and can't be taken away.�

So how does Andreya get ready to step outside? “Lotion—Vaseline because I'm always ashy. Make-up-MAC girl at heart thanks to my make up artist Tim hair-Paul Mitchell products thanks to my hair stylist Theresa P.M products –tea tree and skinny serum—are life savers and of course AMPRO. Perfume, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker because it smells like Barbie Perfume I used to wear when I was 10; as for clothing and shoes, whatever's hot it can come from the finest boutiques or the cheapest thrift shops.�

Andreya’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Remember that we are all just passing through in life and that at the end of the day everyday you should be giving back and working towards fulfilling your purpose and destiny. Don't be afraid to let go of who you were and the people you were friends with in order to become who you are called to be.�
Andreya’s Secrets Of Success: “Prayer and patience—knowing that in due time whatever you ask must come to pass because that's what is promised. Knowing who I am is the biggest part of my success. When someone doesn't appreciate the way I am or what they ask me to do doesn't comply with who I am I know to walk away with out looking back.�
Andreya’s Favorite Movies: “Passion of the Christ, The Color Purple, and Carmen Brown—the original with Dorothy Dandridge.�
Andreya’s Favorite Books: "Think Big, by Ben Carson, When Heaven Invades Earth, by
Bill Johnson, and The Bible.�
Leaders That Most Inspire Andreya: “Bishop G E Patterson, Martin Luther King Jr., and
The First Three Things Andreya Would Do As President: “Ban racism and create a law punishing those who use racial slurs; set up facilities that provide motivation and education for everyone free of charge; and, magically erase all the hatred in the world and give the joy I have to everyone.�
Andreya’s Favorite Cars: “Bentley, because it’s a classic; Rolls Royce, because it's elegant and rich; and, old school low rider convertibles because they're fun.�


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