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Where She’s From: Crystal Gallman, whose Zodiac sign in Taurus, was born in Newberry, South Carolina and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. “Growing up, my mother was a single parent and she raised my brother and I,” she says.

 “Watching her struggle and sacrifice a lot for her two kids made me realize how special she was to me. As a child I was always taught to be a leader, set goals and most of all put God first and through him all things are possible.”

After first attending CSU, Crystal decided to make her move. “I was able to really set things aside and come up with what would make me happy career wise,” she recalls. “When I was younger, I did what made my family happy, until I realized I couldn’t live for them but for me. So in 2005, at the age of 19, I decided I wanted to model. I’ve been modeling for awhile, but this is only the beginning. I have done a lot, and seen a lot, but I know for sure I’m still in my beginning stages.”

“My dreams will come true, if the lord is willing,” Crystal adds. “I’m determined and my eyes will continue to stay on the prize. My plans are to be internationally known, in a positive way of course. I want to be a leader and idol to all kids, maybe even some adults. I want to be able to grow old knowing I touched someone’s life through my presence.”

Where She At: Crystal also wants to put South Carolina on the map as a home for undiscovered supermodels.

She was part of a modeling-promotional team called Vixens, which elevated her exposure. She’s also an Ultimate Model (

Crystal can look good in anything. “Name brands never really mattered to me,” she says.

Crystal’s Words Of Wisdom: “With God being the head of your life, all things are possible.”
Crystal’s Secrets Of Success: “Confidence is the key to success.”
Crystal’s Favorite Movie: “The Color Purple.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Crystal: “Martin Luther King Jr.; Harriet Tubman; Rosa Parks; and my mother, a true leader in my eyes.”
Crystal’s Favorite Cars: “750LI, 745LI.”
Crystal’s Favorite Musicians: “I enjoy all types of music, from Gospel, Rap/R&B, to Hip-Hop.”

A Short Crystal Story:
“In March of 2006, my mother was admitted to the hospital for a ruptured appendix. She was initially intended to be let go after a week or two. But come to find out, the infection had spread all over her body. My mother was later admitted to ICU.

She stayed in ICU for a total of two months. The doctors said they did all they could for her and only gave her 48 hours to live. With my faith in God I never gave up. I’m a believer of healing and by the grace of God; my mother broke out of her coma and was transferred to another hospital for therapy.

She is a living miracle and I don’t know what I would do without her. I got her name tattooed on my wrist, so whenever I look at it when I’m down and out, it gives me strength and reminds me that I came out a womb of a strong woman that will fight her way out of anything. I owe her the world and I plan on giving her what she deserves. I love her to death and she is a living testimony.”

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