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Where She’s From: Jocelyn Elrenia White, was born in St. Louis, MO.

“I traveled a lot, raised mostly between Saint Louis and Inkster, Michigan. “I can say that I've learned from my parents not to give up and that nothing is given to you; basically work for mine and depend on me,” Jocelyn tells The Black Star News. “And they made my worth clear to me.”

Jocelyn attended The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, Illinois, for fashion design. “I didn’t finish because of financial reasons but I plan on continuing my education,” she says. “I went to school for fashion because I love modeling and I figured I would stay as close to my dream career as possible. I see my modeling career going far; my aspirations are to become an international supermodel.”

Where She’s At: Jocelyn is now looking to signed with a reputable agency. “Making it clear that I am an aspiring model, not video vixen is a constant challenge,” she says, when asked how she handles obstacles.

“People constantly confuse modeling and entertaining as one. My pictures are one clear way. I make sure they look like Vogue or Elle or W tear sheets instead. Don’t get me wrong I would love to shoot for a men’s magazine but that is not my goal in life,” Jocelyn says. “I love the runway and I'm too tall to be a vixen anyway,” she adds, with a laugh.

Jocelyn most recently was on a fashion show for Studio 360 Imaging in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“At the end of the day, if you can’t hold a conversation it’s wasted beauty,” Jocelyn says, on the importance of beauty with intelligence. “Plus it’s an added bonus; she's smart, and she's hot, plus she can cook, plus she works, plus she's laidback.”
So how does Jocelyn prepare to step out?

“I use lush products, all natural, like bath and hair products. I love their hair products; they have one that stimulates hair growth. Then they have these lotions that are excellent for people with dry skin. Their Dream Cream and their Skin Drink are amazing. I also use Bath & Body Works. Love Japanese Cherry Blossom, also love their scented oil, Scent port, and WallFlower in the Sweet Pea Scent only. Victoria’s Secret, Intimisimi of course and Desire, their bath and lotion stuff. Clothing, I’m small but I need things in lengths.”

Jocelyn’s Words Of Wisdom: “Love yourself, be yourself, and stay happy!”
Jocelyn’s Secrets Of Success: “Being confident but not cocky, staying focused and being driven.”
Jocelyn’s Favorite Three Movies: “Super Bad, Harlem Nights, and, Kill Bill Vol. 1.”
Jocelyn’s Three Favorite Books: “Flyy Girl, by Omar Tyree, He's Just a Friend, by Mary B. Morrison, and Wilhelmina's Guide to Modeling.”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Jocelyn: “Rosa Parks; Naomi Campbell; Nelson Mandela; Muhammad Ali; Outkast; Erykah Badu, and Lauryn Hill.”
The First Three Things Jocelyn Would Do As President: “I would organize a meeting to discuss the oil prices and see if we could resolve something; I would create homes to take in and take care of our sick, homeless, and those suffering drug abuse or domestic abuse; and, I would definitely make sure I kept security on deck because I know they wouldn’t be digging a Black female president.”
Jocelyn’s Favorite Cars: “Bugatti Veyron, fastest car out there and $1.6 million; 7 series BMW, the most luxurious, and a sports car of course; The 6.0 GTO, favorite car whether it’s a classic or the new edition. 96 Impala SS with the LT1 under the hood with floor masters….”
Jocelyn’s Favorite Entertainers And Their Songs: “Outkast—anything they make; Pharrell—anything he makes; Prince—Delirious, Purple Rain; Michael Jackson—everything; Lauryn Hill—remake of Eye is On the Sparrow, or Killing me Softly, Ready or Not, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill; and, Mary J. Blije—Real Love.”
Jocelyn’s Favorite Websites: “,,,,”


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