Mahtab: The Spirit Is With Her

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Mahtab Reid-Bey, Chicago-born Sagittarius, is a lovely model with the look of mystique.

“I lived in the Humboldt Park-Logan Square area, but moved to a suburb outside of Chicago and that's where I currently live,� she tells The Black Star News. “But looking to move in the near future. The most important thing I have learned from my mom, she's my only parent, is to always believe in yourself and trust your heart and God. They will never steer you wrong.�

“I started modeling right after I graduated high school. But someday I would like to go back to school and get a degree to become a child psychologist,� she adds. “I would say right now my career is definitely taking off—just a matter of how hard I'm willing to work.�

“I see my career going as far as God and myself allow it to go,� Mahtab continues. “It's really all up to the man upstairs. I would  love to just uplift people and bring more positivity. I think people today just stopped caring about life. Our morals have changed. Our priorities are all lopsided. Since when did image and materialistic possessions define who you are?�

“In my short life, I have been fighting since I came out of my mother's womb. So adversities and obstacles are a way of life for  me. But I don't wish any other way. Because I know they have molded me and continue to mold me into who I am; which I think is not so bad,� she adds.

“In my industry, there's a carbon copy of how they want you to look,� she says, of the modeling profession. “And as you can see I don't fit that description anywhere. I have hips, and a butt, and big eyes, and a pouty mouth. I have curves, and I'm not a plus size model. So that's always a challenge for me; accepting my figure and still pushing that stereotype that models don't eat or have to be waif thin and if they're not they're plus size.�

“Recently I was in a car accident, and I sustained some minor injuries to my body, but I also sustained amnesia and brain damage,� Mahtab tells The Black Star, when asked about coping with challenges. “And I still decided that I was going to model since I can't go back to my regular job. So my agent sent me on an audition for the movie The Express, and the funny thing is that I didn't get the audition, but I was proud because here I have amnesia, my memory is horrible, and I'm auditioning for a movie and I still remember my lines.�

“I think it's important to have smarts over beauty because looks is not what makes you who you are,� the courageous young lady adds. “It's the way you think, your morals, beliefs, and information that you know that help shape you into who you are. I have met people who are just beauty and it's sad to see. What happens if something happens to your looks? Then what do you have to fall back on?�

So how does Mahtab prepare to step out? “Ooh, I use different products. As far as makeup I use brands from Clinique to Cover Girl. So it varies. I have never been a label whore. I do like the finer things in life, but I also am still on a model's budget, and wear what makes me feel good in. My style is usually jeans and a t-shirt and heels. Pretty basic. But I'm all about accessories. Love em.�

Mahtab’s Words Of Wisdom:
“I always follow this rule—and that is to truly follow my heart. I can honestly say that if I wasn't so in tuned with my spirituality and following my heart I wouldn't be here today.�

Mahtab’s Secrets Of Success: “My faith and sticking to my morals, and my Lord. Trusting my instinct. I'm gonna sound like a broken record but again following my heart.�

Mahtab’s Three Favorite Movies: “Cinderella, Pretty Woman, Forrest
Mahtab’s Three Favorite Books: “Well the Bible is definitely number one; number two would be Diary of Anne Frank, and the Coldest Winter Ever.�
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Mahtab: “Nelson Mandela, Father Michael Pfleiger, and Barack Obama.�

The First Three Things Mahtab Would Do As President: “I would sign peace treaties with all the countries, change things so that low income families have the resources to provide a healthier and stable
lifestyle for their families and end all the poverty everywhere.�

Mahtab’s Favorite Cars: “I don't drive but ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted a baby blue 66 Chevy with a cream interior. But I love the classics. Bentley and Rolls Royce. Because they embody class and sophistication, and make people just stop and stare and admire their
Mahtab’s Favorite Musicians: “Marvin Gaye, James Taylor, John Legend, Stevie Wonder, CeCe Winans. They all make me feel like I'm floating.�

A Short Mahtab Story:
“About a year ago I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension—my left heart valve wasn't pumping and I was given about three months to live. Well I claimed my healing and the day of the surgery the doctor cried, when they were performing the procedure, and I thought okay God I claimed I was healed, so what's up?. Then the doctor said it's a miracle but what was there before wasn't. Both of my valves were pumping and healthy! And recently with the car accident. The spirit told me not to sit in the front, so I sat behind the driver, mind you there was no one in the car, except myself and the driver. So pretty weird. Well as we were driving home from work we were making a left turn and this car was coming onward. It looked like they were going to stop, so we proceeded to turn. Well sure enough here comes the other car and it plowed into the passenger side of the car I was in. We pulled over and I got out and saw the car I was in. The passenger side was totaled and the door was ajar. And I knew at that moment had I been in the front seat, I either would have died or severely paralyzed.�

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