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Where She’s From: Marisa DeVonish was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. “My mother passed when I was five and my father had to raise my sister and I—it was hard but he managed,” she tells The Black Star News.

“He gave us more than you could imagine a single parent could provide. In addition to bowling, gymnastics, ballet, tape and jazz classed which kept me active, my father definitely gave me a sense of security and unconditional love.”

She adds: “I knew I was born to entertain. In High School, I was in the Performing Arts Institute where I practiced Improv and scene study. I wanted to continue my theatrical studies in college but my father always encouraged me to have a backup plan. I decided to pursue a degree in education and psychology.”

“I didn’t give up on my dream,” the beautiful and determined Marisa continues, explaining that education is an investment that lasts a lifetime. “I just gave myself time to mature and prepare for that particular journey into the unknown. Two years later, I graduated with an Associates' in early childhood education and two years after that, graduated with a bachelors in psychology.”

“While in school I did some modeling in New York,” Marisa continues, modestly. “I have been in magazines like; I.B., Concepts, Floss, Smooth, Blackmen, Hype Hair & Game, and Motorcycle Calendar Rider – Ebony Rider, for 2006 and 2007. I was featured in Cam’ron and Kanye West video Down and Out, riding my motorcycle and most remembered as the flasher from season II Chapelle’s Show Rick James skit. It was time to get serious and it was time to make that move to Hollywood.”

When she got to the promised land in October 2005, she sold her beloved motorcycle to pay rent for three months so she wouldn’t have to worry about having a roof over her head. “Within the next six months, I got a great night job—the owners understood my goals and worked with me; I bought a car and moved into my own apartment,” she says.

From then on—she was able to focus on her career and several opportunities came one after the other.

Where She’s At: She met some MTV producers while doing a new dating show and they loved her personality and brought her to do the last six shows of MTV’s Wild N Out with Nick Cannon. She continued building her resume by working in short films, independent features and some Nickelodeon TV shows. She’s been on Ashley Furniture commercials, Disney Rewards Internet and Print campaigns and on her Internet Sketch show, Shits & Giggles on

“I’m one of the hosts and will also be performing skits that I’ve written for the show—currently in development and filming,” she adds. The tireless Marisa is also working on her comedic short “Twisted Therapy” through her production company, Mighty Mouth Productions and she’s landed a lead role as Lips McPhillips in the independent film, The Ras Club, which shoots this summer.

Where She’s Heading: Looks can only get you so far—this well rounded lady has bigger plans. “The world has so many beautiful women; Hollywood in particular, but how many of them have talent? I mean real talent on the inside—real goals that they are reaching towards; I am so much more than a pretty face,” says Marisa. “I am very well educated and extremely creative and it shows in my work. Music videos and sexy magazines are fun but you won’t see my making my living from them in five years. I am a writer, a producer, a thinker, a creator—I may get noticed for my looks but that’s not all you’ll see.”

Even smart people like to look good. “I am an anti-brand name,” Marisa says. “I love to dress nice and comfortable for myself. Lei jeans fit my small but curvy frame nicely. I have style so can hook the hell up out of an outfit---I do wear Angel perfume, love my Coach shades and Louie V purse and Mac lip glosses are great but the 99 cent version at the beauty supply store works the same. I have more important things to do with my money than spend it on trying to wear what celebrities have on.”

“Aside from work, I always think about how many people I have made an impact on that day,” she concludes. “How many of them have I made to laugh, smile or even think? Laughter is God’s hand on a troubled world.”

Marisa’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Wake up with a smile on your face—it will set the tone for your whole day.”
Marisa’s Secrets Of Success: “The only person I am in competition with is myself the day before. I’m daily trying to build upon my work and thoughts from yesterday.”
Marisa’s Favorite Three Movies: “Pretty Woman, Ace Ventura, and Shawshank Redemption.”
Marisa’s Favorite Three Books: “The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, by Bruce Lee; The Power of The Actor; and, Medical Dictionary—as a kid I would read this book about everything and anything to do with diseases and injuries. Weird I know, but you wouldn’t mind getting sick or injured and having me around.”
Leaders That Have Inspired Marisa: “It would be interesting to see Obama win the presidency.”
The First Thing Marisa Would Do As President: “I would enforce for China-style policies on our judicial system; stiffer penalties for committing crime.”
Marisa’s Favorite Cars: “I love the new Range Rovers, Cadillac CTS and Nissan 350z. I wouldn’t mind a Suzuki 600/750 sports bike but must leave the crotch rockets alone. Too much at risk to get injured.”
Marisa’s Favorite Musicians: “Sade-Your Love Is King, Ordinary Love, Cherish The Day; Bob Marley-No Woman No Cry; Aerosmith-Don’t Want To Miss A Thing; Jay Z; and, Michael Jackson-Starting Something.”

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