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Where She’s From: Lovely musician and model Esdra Richardson, whose Zodiac sign is Libra, was born and raised in the beautiful island of St. Maarten.

“I was taught humility, kindness and above all respect for myself and others,� she tells The Black Star News. “My parents were a great influence then and continue to be my anchor as I pursue success and happiness in my life. I am extremely grateful to have my family in my life, they truly make me see the positive in the world and make life worth living.�

Esdra completed most of her early schooling in St. Maarten. She earned her bachelors degrees from the University of South Florida in marketing and Africana Studies. “I am now a graduate student at USF pursuing my Masters of Business Administration,� says the brainy beauty. “I launched my modeling career about a year ago, but have been singing and dancing for most my life. I have been part of countless choirs and dance troupes. I have been featured on CD and also tracks, what they call dubs on the islands, for djs.�

Where She’s At: “I am now completely focused on my school and attaining what I have set out for,� she continues. “Modeling however is starting to come around. My singing had been put on hold when I came to Florida, but I am looking for avenues where I can express myself. Perhaps I can get lucky where all of my interests can come together.�

“Most people want to be famous but I on the contrary want to be successful,� Esdra adds. “If fame comes with that, so be it. I ideally want to become a very successful print model that can perhaps spin off to various other opportunities such as acting, singing, dancing. I also love spoken word, so I have a lot of aspirations within the entertainment industry. Outside of that I have other practical aspirations within the business world. I am a bit of an entrepreneur and have many dreams that I would like to realize.�

Esdra faces the industry’s challenges head on. “I am not 5’ 11�. It is obvious that I can never be a runway model, but I also do not want to be what they call an urban model where my self worth lies in the measurement of my bust and hips. With perseverance I am confident that I will land where I want to be, or at least very close.�

The entrepreneur in Esdra led to the creation of her promotions group, SLS Promotions. “I intend to spin this off and attain more entrepreneurial ventures under my belt. I have worked with a lot of photographers and am now doing some work with production company that is on the rise. I am also about to be featured in a calendar,� she says. “I will most definitely be happy to finish my studies and have my MBA, so I can really get things started.�

“As much as we like to deny it, beauty gets you places and opens up a lot of doors for you,� Esdra says. “The key to having brainpower along with this, is the fact that once beauty opens that door for you, brainpower is what helps you open other doors for yourself. We all know beauty fades, intellect is what can help you capitalize on those achievements.�

So how does the rising model, musician and business woman prepare to step out? “Well I am a Victoria Secret kind of girl. I love their lotions and perfumes. I love shoes, so the brands would be too much to mention. As far as clothing goes, I have a lot of Guess, DKNY, BabyPhat. I tend to only wear make up for my photo shoots, so I don't really have a favorite. I use what shoots the best.�

Esdra’s Words Of Wisdom: “Live life like there's no tomorrow. There's no greater moment than right now. I've learned how short life is, and how moments of happiness can be lost through trivial things. One should never regret anything that they do but rather learn from their mistakes.�
Esdra’s Secrets Of Success: “Perseverance, commitment, ambition. Quitters don't win and winners don't quit. My secret is to know what I have to achieve and never allow failure to be an option. So far, it has helped me to be the person I am today.�
Esdra’s Favorite Three Movies: “The long kiss goodnight, Scarface, and
Love Jones.�
Esdra’s Favorite Three Books: “Their eyes were watching God, Push, and Brothers and Sisters.�
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Esdra: “Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and Martin Luther King.�
The First Three Things Esdra Would Do As President: “Bring the troops back home to their families; stop spending money on wars and feed the poor; and, figure out a way to lower the increasing trade deficit.�
Esdra’s Favorite Cars: “Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche. What all these cars have in common is that I look so good in them—They are some sexy accessories.�

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