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Our Model Of The Day

Where She’s From:
Megan Chase, whose Zodiac sign is Libra, was born in Birmingham, Alabama but never lived there.

“Shortly after, I moved to the south side of Chicago and lived with my Grandmother for about four to five years,” she tells The Black Star News. “Later, we moved to Atlanta where I have been ever since. The most important thing I learned from my mother is to have a kind heart towards people and that anything you want can be achieved with hard work and persistence.”

Megan attended Roswell High School and later went on to Harold Washington College in Chicago, Ill and then transferred to Georgia Perimeter College in Dunwoody, Ga. where she’s currently majoring in Political Science. “I was always interested in acting from an early age,” Megan says. “After participating in a high school play I decided this was something I wanted to pursue. I consider my career to be in its beginning stage. I’m working hard to get my name out as an actress.”

Where She’s At: For Megan, modeling is just the beginning—she aims for major roles in feature films and being a character on a sitcom. One lesson that Megan has learned in the industry is that it’s important to be careful. She tries to weed out the opportunists from real prospects.

“There are people that just would like to take advantage of your talent and time,” she warns. “To overcome this I always let some one know when I’m going to an audition and even try to have others go with me if I’m not familiar with the people. I also try to do my research on the business and their activities before I agree to do anything.”

Megan has participated in the Bronner Brothers Show where she worked for Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine. “I also did a video called Myspace Freak, which was a big craze on the internet,” she says. “I’m also proud to have done an internship at the Morehouse School of Medicine.”

“Beauty will only get you so far, I feel you also have to have knowledge to continue to get further and not allow people to take advantage of you,” Megan adds.

So how does this emerging young talent dress to kill? “I love lacoste and polo shirts,” she says. “I’m an extremely casual person and you can usually find me in jeans and a tank top. I also love vintage clothes and shoes. My favorite perfume is anything Ana Sui and Burberry. I usually use Smashbox makeup or Mac. The Smash box stays on very well under heavy lights.”

Megan’s Words Of wisdom:
“Don’t let one thing get you down; keep pushing there will be other opportunities.”
Megan’s Secrets Of Success: “Persistence, dedication, and having a positive attitude.”
Megan’s Favorite Three Movies: “Poetic Justice, American Beauty, and Menace II Society.”
Megan’s Favorite Three Books: “Tuck Everlasting, The Purpose Driven Life, and The Bible.”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Megan: “Oprah, Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama.”

The First Three Things Megan’s Would Do As President: “Stop the War; make tougher laws against child molesters; and find money to help the deteriorating healthcare system.”

Megan’s Favorite Cars: “Mustangs; Corvettes-anything fast.”

Megan’s Five Favorite Musicians: “Tank—Baby I Deserve; Common—Go; Tupac—Dear Mama; Nas—One Mic; and, Mary J Blige—Reminisce.”
A Short Megan Story: “One night we were going out to the club and got all dressed up and couldn’t get in. We really didn’t want to wait in line so my friend was doing everything possible to try to get us in without waiting. Mind you it is $200.00 each to go inside. Out of nowhere we see a very famous celebrity walking up to the door. We think it’s strange that he is walking all by himself. He walks up to the front door and tells me and my friend that we can go in with him. Now they don’t ask for I.D.s or money. To make a long story short, we go inside and he starts to look even more peculiar since he has no entourage or jewelry on—which is what he is known for. We find out that he is actually an impersonator and he tells us he uses his looks to get every thing free!”

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