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Where She’s From:
Mekdes Tsegaye was born and raised in Nazareth, Ethiopia. In addition to her parents she has a younger brother. “I learned a lot from my family especially from my dad. My dad always used to tell me that I can be whoever I wanted to be as long as I believed in myself and worked hard,” she tells The Black Star News. “I learned that hard word, ambition, positive thinking, and dreaming big would help me achieve success.”
Where She's At: Mekdes received her Associates in Computer Science from Ethiopia and is currently working on a Bachelor’s degree at Berkeley College focusing on International Business. “I started modeling in 2004 back in Ethiopia,” she says. “I have worked for many companies and have done various campaigns. I just want to continue modeling for sometime and then move on to acting.”

Mekdes adds: “Modeling sort of serves as a transition for me, as acting is my main objective.  Modeling is also good at this point in my life because the schedule goes along with my school work.”

“I came from a country that was completely different in terms of the culture, economics and way of life,” she continues, when asked about challenges and how she deals with them. “It was very difficult at first to get to know the culture and the language it self. The language barrier at first presented a problem at school and modeling jobs. I worked extremely hard and took my time to learn the language in order to communicate with people.  I became more open minded about the culture and sort of started living the American lifestyle.”

“Some of my proudest as a model include appearing in my first September Fashion Week show in New York City,” Mekdes tells The Black Star News. “In addition, I worked for one of the largest lingerie companies in the country, Lingerie America. I have many proud moments but these two serve as my earliest accomplishments as a model.”

“Beauty is of course one of the most coveted things by people, but it really becomes an ordinary thing when it is not accompanied by brainpower or being smart,” Mekdes continues. “Beauty can only take you so far; intelligence is the most important thing anyone possesses.  A way to make a difference in this world is by using your beauty for a good thing. But that person has to be an intelligent individual in order to know that and to make it happen.”

How does the regal beauty prepare to step out? “I like Prada sun glass, Mac make up, Dolce & Gabbana blue light perfume and their jeans,” she says. “I think Prada sun glasses are very comfortable, have a perfect fit and look extremely good. I use Mac products because the makeup blends with your skin and does not melt.  I personally like it because it complements my naturally skin tone very well. Dolce & Gabbana makes very comfortable and stylish jeans. Their perfume is the best smelling perfume out there.”

Mekdes’ Words Of Wisdom: “No matter the situation, never give up on your dreams.”
Mekdes’ Secrets Of Success: “I think the reason to my success has been unrelenting persistence in trying to achieve my goals. Even when things looked as if they would not happen, I never got down and gave up or stopped believing it was going to happen.”
Mekdes’ Favorite Three Films: “Pride, Hitch, and Titanic.”
Mekdes’ Favorite Three Books: “Konjowochu,  Sememen, both Ethiopian books, and Great Expectation.”
Mekdes’ Favorite Five Entertainers And Songs: “R. Kelly--I believe I can fly; Usher-Yeah; Mariah Carey-We belong together; Will Smith-Just The Two Of Us; Beyonce-Irreplaceable.”
The First Three Things Mekdes Would Do As US President: “Enlarge the Federal College Grant fund, create more programs to deal with race relations and increase and promote fair trade with African nations in order to eliminate or reduce poverty.”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Mekdes: “Nelson Mandela, Dr. Martin Luther King JR., Mahatma Gandhi.”
Mekdes’ Favorite Cars: “Lexus and BMW.  They are very comfortable, as well as reliable and luxurious.”
Mekdes’ Favorite Five Websites: “,,,,”

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