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Where She’s From:
Miko Renee, a Gemini, was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Her mother was an entrepreneur in the catering business so she moved to Los Angeles to start her own company and open a restaurant when Miko was five years old.  “I was raised in West Covina, Pomona and Inglewood California,” she tells The Black Star News.  “My mother taught me to always go for what I want and not to depend on someone else to get it for me.  She also taught me to respect myself and I would receive the respect of others.  She taught me not to be a follower and to always be a leader.”
Miko attended California State University, Los Angeles as an undergrad graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Nutritional Science—athletic training, and sports medicine. “I received an athletic scholarship for basketball, point guard, as well as track and field; heptathlete-jumper,” the lovely model adds. “After finishing college, I began playing professional basketball overseas in New Zealand, China and Turkey. Once I finished playing professional basketball, I began my career as an actress and model. I have been acting and modeling now for almost two years,” says the worldly lady.

Where She’s At: Micko says until she’s easily recognized by the public and signs major contracts, including movie deals, she’ll consider herself still a rookie.

“As a Black woman you will always face the challenges of being a minority so don’t waste your time complaining,” Miko, ever the go-getter, continues. “One challenge that bothers me is the mainstream’s idea of what a model should look like. I’m not a super thick chick; however I’m much too big to do couture, international and high fashion, unless it’s urban. I refuse to go on a diet and lose what my momma gave me so I have accepted the urban and glamour side of the modeling industry. I also had to shake the image that athletic females aren’t sexy. There are several female athletes that are still very feminine and chic.”
Miko’s hard work has landed her on several campaigns, including being published in Thique Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly and Jadore Magazine. She’s done numerous basketball commercials for the Big 12 Conference, several calendars, fliers, promotional modeling and celebrity charity events.

Where She’s Heading: “I plan to become a great actress and sports caster for ESPN or TNT,” she continues. “I don’t have any particular order; I’d like them to occur so long as they both happen. I am currently the voice of the Atlanta Vision Men's ABA Basketball Team here in Atlanta and I am a frequent guest on the 3D After Dark sports talk radio show of Dennis Scott, formerly of the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic, who is also the GM of the Atlanta Vision team.”

“Brains and beauty is considered the best of both worlds in this business. Your beauty can only take you so far, eventually you will have to open your mouth and that is what people remember,” Miko says. “I consider myself the best of all worlds because I am also an athlete, which brings much more to the table. It’s rare to find a woman who looks flawless in a two piece, can design her own website, does real estate and can kick your rear in a game of horse.”
So how does this entrepreneurial beauty get ready to step out?

“Apple Bottom is my preferred urban designer of choice. Outside of the fact that I know the CEO of the company, Nelly, the clothing is made especially for Black women and our unique curves. It’s very stylish and chic and hip at the same time.  I also love Baby Phat, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. I can’t live without my bath and body works Japanese Cherry Blossom scented shower gel and lotion. I also love Victoria’s Secrets scent Amber Romance. My favorite perfume is Ralph Lauren Romance and Britney Spears' Fantasy. I always wear MAC cosmetics simply because I have sensitive skin and it doesn’t break me out. And last but not least, If I’m not in a sexy dress and heels, I guarantee you I will be in a pair of retro Michael Jordans, a sports bra, wife beater and 3X basketball shorts. I am very comfortable being dressed like that.”
Miko’s Words Of Wisdom: “Always make sure you do what makes you happy. That way, if things don’t go as planned, you’re not wondering what it could have been if you had done it the way you wanted to from the beginning.”  
Miko’s Secrets Of Success: “I network 24/7; I've found that you meet people that can help you in the strangest places so never pass up an opportunity to network.” 
Miko’s Favorite Three Movies: “Scarface, Purple Rain and Belly.”
Miko’s Favorite Three Books: “Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret; The Purpose Driven Life; and, The Holy Bible.” 
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Miko: “Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks and Michael Jordan.” 
The First Three Things Miko Would Do As President: “Sign new peace treaties; end hunger in the US, and allow free education to all that want to attend college.”
Miko’s Favorite Cars: “The Range Rover. I also like the Bently Coop, the Benz Compressor and the Dodge Charger.” 
Miko’s Five Favorite Entertainers And Their Songs:  “NeYo-Time; Michael Jackson—Lady In My Life; Prince—Adore; Anita Baker—Givin You The Best That I Got; and Teddy Pendergrass—My Place.” 
Miko’s Five Favorite Websites: “Myspace, www.myspace.com/mikothemodel, Young, Black and Fabulous www.ybf.blogspot.com, NBA.com, NFL.com, and Concrete Loop www.concreteloop.com.”

For more on this lovely entrepreneur, model and actress please visit www.myspace.com/mikothemodel

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