Minnesota's Gambian Queen

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Where She’s From: Amie Dibba, a Libra, was born in Abilene, Texas and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “The most important things that I have learned from my parents have been to know that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to, that family is your backbone and to cherish and treat others the way that I truly want to be treated,� she tells The Black Star News. “My relatives and community have taught be the importance of family and friends, the importance of giving back to your community and how much a smile can make someone's day.�

She attended Ascension school, graduated from Armstrong high school and is currently attending the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and graduates in December 2007. “I began singing at the age of six in the school choir,� she notes. She was also on the Dean's List her first year of college while I was in the post-secondary program in high school.
Where She At: In the entertainment business, whether it’s modeling or music, it’s not just about appearance, Amie says. “You cannot be physically beautiful and have a horrible attitude and personality and expect people to look at you as just plain beautiful, that attitude can positively or negatively affect how a person sees you,� she says.

Amie says growing up, she also had to overcome her fear of singing in public. “I
realized that the feeling inside my stomach was me being anxious and not so much scared, so I channeled that energy into performing,� she says.

“When I was younger, I didn’t feel that connection with being African,� Amie continues. “I was made by society to feel that being of a darker skin tone was bad and that being African was even worse, I had to grow up and look at my beautiful and strong mother, look at my hardworking father and look at those wonderful people in my community and see that those beliefs that were instilled from me are far from true. Black is beautiful and Africa is home and a wonderful one at that.�

Where She’s Heading:
Amie is the youngest member of the African Broadcasting Network-America and The first and reigning Miss Gambia USA. She is an aspiring R&B singer and full-time Marketing Communications major. “Through my life experiences, I have become even more determined to achieve success,� she notes. “I aspire to be a driving force in bringing music in The Gambia, West Africa to the next level, to own and run my own record label, and give back to The Gambia in all ways that I possibly can. More than anything I want young women to be able to look up to me and connect with me in some way, I want every girl out there to know that anything is possible, you have to believe in yourself and set goals and work towards them.� 

How does Amie prepare to step out? “I like Ecko Red, they have cute stuff and Apple Bottom. I love cocoa butter lotion because it works well with my skin, I am not a fan of wearing make-up but when I have to it's always MAC, I love Escada perfume, it smells, and I am a Nike or Ecko Red girl on the shoes.�
Amie’s Words Of Wisdom: “Always smile, you may make someone's day.�
Amie’s Secrets Of Success: “Stay focused, prepare yourself and ask questions.�
Amie’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “The Wizard of OZ, Sarafina and Texas Chain Saw Massacre.�
Amie’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “The Things They Carried, The Devil Wears Prada, The Secret Life of Bees.�
The First Three Things Amie Would Do As President: “Eradicate poverty, donate funds to the orphans of AIDS victims in Africa and assist the people of New Orleans that are still suffering because of Hurricane Katrina.�
Amie’s Favorite Cars And Why: “Cadillac Escalade! I love the way the 2007 looks, sleek and sophisticated.�

For more information about this lovely songstress and model please visit 
www.myspace.com/amiedibba or www. missgambiausapageant.com or


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