Mirrah: Beautiful Culture Stew

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Where She’s From: Lovely musician, model and future actress, Mirrah, whose Zodiac sign is Cancer, was born in Indonesia—she was adopted by an Australian and an American who are both Caucasian.

“I was blessed to find out from my hospital nurses in Indonesia at age 16, that I had African decent from an unknown African American Marine or Army Officer, once in Indonesia,� she tells The Black Star News.

“My parents raised me to believe in myself and to accept others as equals and to allow mistakes in order to better self. They said ‘mistakes make you wiser, just make sure you get wiser than make more mistakes,’� she recalls with a laugh.

Mirrah has traveled and experienced a taste of many locales--from Indonesia, Honduras to LA, California, then to Lima, Peru, to Sydney, Australia, and to London, U.K. Her parents live in Australia while Mirrah now calls LA, home.

“The experience of being adopted by Caucasian parents, is knowing these individuals were a part of my destiny, to become the woman I have grown to be now,� she adds. “That is being multi-cultural, positive and proud as a woman of color and stature full of grace and strength.�

After attending Vaucluse High School in Sydney, Australia, Mirrah embarked on her entertainment career. She started out in London, dancing on the show, Top of the Pops and for R&B and Hip-Hop groups.

Where She’s At: “Actually my career launch of a hope on a prayer in the business started in Sydney at age 16,� she explains. “Touring with Public Enemy and then becoming Flavor Flav's female Hype-man. I have recently just been introduced to the American audiences slowly on his personal set of their concert shows. I love performing and seeing audiences have a great time.�

She adds: “I’m young, free-spirited and love learning from others, but I’m no punk when it comes to my art and taking care of my family. For those who saw RU The Girl, TLC's
nine-week reality show on UPN, I became runner-up and exposed my true self, spiritually and artistically, and my flaws, and the only thing that was not seen was my full potential as a rapper-singer.�

Mirrah has many plans—in addition to her music, she’s into voiceover, acting and modeling. Yet, one of her biggest loves giving back to youngsters. She’s now working to help youngsters at LA's Accelerated School with a Hip-Hop foundation with her partner Sebastien Elkouby, the founder of The Urban Youth Empowerment Foundation.

The challenge is to keep music and instruments, and to add street awareness in the schools. “The Hip-Hop Foundation will provide opportunities for students to learn how to write and produce music while simultaneously improving their academic skills,� Mirrah explains. “Rap music empowers youth.�

Mirrah says she’s encountered all the challenges one can imagine in the entertainment industry, and yet she keeps going strong. “I’ve had statements said to my face ‘You're not Asian enough,’ and ‘You're not Black enough’ in another audition. Of course, I'm not Black or Asian enough, I'm mixed of the two—uh!,� she says. “Then there is the height and breast and booty issues all women go through.  I was also told 'You’re not believable as a rapper ‘cause you’re not ghetto or look hood. You look more as an R&B singer.’�

Mirrah says A&Rs of labels should stop being yes-men to their bosses and search for artists that will break barriers. “Stop finding artists sounding like one another, just to be safe marketing-wise. Be adventurous and eager to prosper with exciting new sounds and looks and talents,� she urges.

“I want the younger generation to acknowledge looks can be defaced and your personality is the light which resonates your inner beauty,� Mirrah says. “So learn how to use it wisely and selflessly! Make sure you study your craft or what you wish to accomplish so your future may have so many more opportunities.�

So how does Mirrah get ready to step outside? “I love clothes, mine are chosen not by brands in particular, but by style, color and are bought within reasonable finances. I love wearing some 80's gear, B-girlin' it out, skater wear, a lil' punk, a lil' Ska, and some styles from the 1920, 1940's. As for private functions red carpet events, I love Dolce & Gabanna.�

“I 'm a Proactive user and use moisturizer Caudalie Paris for my eyes and face,� she adds. “As for make-up, the less the better. I'm a foundation, blush, eyeliner or mascara girl with carmex/chapstic or lip-gloss which makes me up and out the door. In my make-up bag I have Makeup Forever Professional liquid foundation which allows my skin to breathe and look even. I also wear Bare Minerals as a foundation and blush for those days to feel fresh. My favorite blush is by Nars called Torrid.�

Mirrah is about to launch her Album worldwide this year.

Mirrah’s Words Of Wisdom: “From my chorus of my song called No matter, ‘No matter how small, No matter how tall, No matter how young, No matter how old, No matter-be your self, No matter how weak, No matter how strong, No matter how right, No matter how wrong, No matter-be yourself.’�

Mirrah’s Secrets Of Success: “Ask, believe, receive—Acknowledge prayer and law of attraction to prosper your goals.�

Mirrah’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Beat Street, Forest Gump, The Last King of Scotland.�
Mirrah’s Favorite Books: “Conversations with God, suspense novels, self-help books.�
The First Three Things Mirrah Would Do As President: “Learn to read—I would want to assist the homeless with housing and more shelters, create more jobs, and fix New Orleans’ disaster faster.�

Mirrah’s Favorite Cars And Why: “I love Volvos—they are so safe and then my Bentley coupe for my materialistic girl alter ego…�

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