Model & Actress, Brooke Bailey

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(Brooke Bailey—she knows what she wants)

Where She’s From: Brooke Bailey is originally from Los Angeles, CA, and fell into the “business� a few years ago in a rather interesting manner.

“It started when casting director Anissa Williams saw me on the dance floor at a party and gave me her business card,� Brooke recalls. “That was on a Friday and I started shooting my first music video that Monday with Beanie man featuring Janet Jackson. It was great. It was a three-day shoot and I had a blast after that. I made up my mind that this is what I'm destined to do.�

Where She’s At: After a few music videos she was one of the first to cast for the show MTV Punk’d. Brooke has featured in a V.S.O.P commercial with Snoop Dogg and the Bishop. She’s also graced the stage of the 2006 B.E.T. awards with Busta Rhymes as one of his Touch me girls for his hit song.

Tireless Brooke was featured on the cover of Lowrider magazine with Ice Cube, The Girls Of Lowrider After Dark and there was a juicy layout in Smooth Girl magazine. “You will be seeing more of me in Lowrider so please keep your eyes open,� Brooke says. “I am currently signed with and I have a wonderful manager—his name is Van Silk. I am currently hosting parties and getting ready to shoot for an upcoming DVD titianumgirlz volume 2.�

Her days are pretty simple. She wakes up and works out –she enjoys running—before taking care of all of her business, which includes responding to her countless e-mail messages on “I get a lot of e_mail messages everyday and I try to respond to everyone,� she explains. Brooke is single—she dates but admits that maintaining a relationship isn’t easy in this business. “From traveling last minute to early call times and late night wraps,� she notes. “But, I do get to see who is around me because of me and who is around me because of who they think I am.�

She considers herself a pretty mellow woman. “But, I do know how to get really feisty,� she cautions. “I’m very down to earth, intelligent and there aren't too many questions that someone can ask me that I wouldn’t have an answer to. That's because I know what I want.� Brooke believes people look at her and automatically think they know the type of person she is. “I'm not fragile, I'm not gonna break. I am a pretty strong person.�

Where She’s Heading: “I am working on my acting skills because. Through everything that I have done and seen in this business, I feel like I'm ready to take my career to the next level,� Brooke shares. “I don't rule out anything in Hollywood. I love to be behind the camera. I love to do music videos. But my passion is taking me somewhere else. To a bigger picture. I don't find the transition to be hard.�

She knows she’s in an extremely competitive industry where success means one has to stay one pace ahead. “I workout, eat right and maintain my inner beauty as well as my outer beauty,� Brooke explains. “There are thousands of beautiful women who want to be in my position. I know that I have to work hard and keep myself grounded and truthful to what I really want to get out of my career. This is Hollywood and there are many women willing to make the sacrifices that I have made to get to the top. So I have to stand out.�

Look out for more to come from Ms. Brooke Bailey, whether it’s T.V.,
film, video, magazines, radio or hosting parties. She also wants to start a lingerie line. “You best believe that I'm a hustler and that’s what it takes to keep my name and face in the game,� she says. Brooke believes her best features are here eyes and “big crest smile.�

Brooke’s Words Of Wisdom: “My advice to aspiring models is when you can be yourself and confident in your own skin, your gift will find you. You must believe in yourself and believe that you can pull this off. If you don't, no one else will,� she notes. Obstacles shouldn’t deter. “There is rejection and you have to be able to handle it well. It's not that you’re not talented. It's that you’re not right for the role and that's okay.�

Brooke’s Secrets To Success: “I am confident, I have lots of charisma, and I have a great sense of humor. When I go on a job, I adjust to the people around me so that our day is full of bliss and success. Believe me when I say that a lot of people don't know how to do that and believe me when I say that they don't last in this business.�

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