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(Kimmarie: Her mother taught her to aim for the stars).

Where She’s From: Kimmarie Johnson was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and raised by her single mother Carol Johnson. Her mother instilled in her very early that "you can be and do whatever you want to do." Kimmarie has taken those words very seriously. 

Kimmarie began a modeling career in Pittsburgh, PA which opened doors into other markets—and booked several ads including ads in Ebony and Essence magazines. After competing in the Miss Pennsylvania USA pageant and being crowned Miss Pennsylvania USA, Kimmarie placed in the finals at the Miss USA pageant. “I had no experience in that arena,� she says, “and I was very pleased and surprised with the results.� 

Moving on, this former beauty queen headed to Los Angeles, California soon after and continued her modeling career and began an acting career which led her into national commercials and television shows. Those shows include Beverly Hills 90210, VIP with Pamela Anderson, USA high, Wanda at large, to name a few. Her list of film credits include Carmen the Champion, Dude where's my car, 1st Testament (earning her a nomination for her work), Talk of the Town, Break a Leg, Spanish Fly, Gang Warz---and several other roles in film.
Where She’s At: She is currently in the Groundlings School—a very prestigious school in Los Angeles for improv. She belonged to the Downtown Playhouse Theater Company in Los Angeles and studied dance for numerous years and is currently taking martial arts preparing for a role that will shot within the next few months. "I am constantly preparing myself for whatever a role may require because you just never know, so I'm always in classes," she laughs. 

Where She’s Going: Kimmarie has also had her hand in production where she executive produced a film called "The Last Eve" (a Young Man Kang Film). The film won the New York Film Festival for best action film. "I'm very proud of this new venture because it allowed me to express myself on the other side of the business, I've learned a lot and I'm looking forward to doing more projects," she notes.

Last but not least, she will be shooting a pilot mid October in Atlanta for a show called "What Women Really Want." Hmmm. "I'm very excited about this project and I'm looking forward to the best possible outcome," this tireless lady adds.   

Kimmarie's Words Of Wisdom: “Keep things straight and simple. Anything more or less than that cannot be seen in its truth and purity. It's always refreshing to see a thing for what it is—we can appreciate the beauty in all, even if it's really different, as long as it is what it is. As an actor it is understood that all the audience wants to see is, character.�

The Secrets To Success: “Have a plan and stick to it. No matter how bumpy and windy the road gets, stick to it, don’t drear off the path... And make sure you read the signs. A good attitude is necessary for success while striving for goals. Go for what you know with passion and enthusiasm.�

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