Mona Lissa: South Philly’s Pride

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Where She’s From:
Lovely model and wordsmith Melissa "Chea" Siv, whose Zodiac sign is Taurus, was born and raised in South Philly.

“I also lived in Columbus Ohio for about 10 years,� she tells The Black Star News. “I now live in Miami, pursuing my dreams and goals in the entertainment industry.� Her ancestry is Cambodian, Puerto Rican and Navajo Native American.

“I am a dedicated and motivated woman and when I set a goal, I hit it. I am determined to make it in the acting and modeling industry and when I do, I will expand with other things as well,� adds 26-year-old Melissa, who is raising her three children on her own with the help of her mother.

Where She’s At:
In Columbus, as a spoken word princess, she earned the nickname "Mona Lissa." She’s been modeling and working in the talent industry for over 15 years. She attended the international model and talent association in New York and LA back in 1998 and 2005 and has been represented by Pro-Model and Talent, the renowned agency.

“Some of the work I have done included value city commercial, short films, plays, various fashion shows for my community dating back dating back from 1996 and continuous promotional work throughout Ohio and Miami,� Melissa says, of her stellar resume.

She’s now combining her talent for the written work and spoken work with her musical interests. “Music is my soul soother,� she says. “You will definitely hear more about Molly Millions or Mona Lissa.�

“I am closer and closer to reaching the top. My goals are to get a nose bleed for being so high at the top and when I get there,� she adds, with a laugh.

“What I loved most about my years of modeling is being at the International Modeling/Talent Association conventions because of the competitions. I love being put to a challenge,� she says. “One thing that is hard for me is that I’m a woman with my own values that I stick to, which may not be important to other clients because all they see is my body.�

“We live in a world today that can be cruel and heartless but I don't let that interfere or hold me back. My heroes are my father—God and Daddy. I lost my daddy at the age of 13 years old back in Philly; he got shot and killed. I went through a lot but I learned and still am learning. My father taught me things when I was younger before he got killed that I'm just now understanding.�

“Life is too short, so I always look at things positively even if it takes a toll as a negative. I like to turn it positive,� she adds. This is a philosophy that’s helped Melissa handle serious challenges and prevail, she says: “I got myself caught in the system with my children and got myself out. I promised myself and my children that they would never have to experience what they and I did ever again. I was young and everyone doubted me and believed I would fail and I swore to myself I would prove everyone wrong and so I did.� She became a total parent – a “mom� and a “dad� for her children.

So how does Melissa prepare to step outside? “I really don't have clothing brands name that I wear,� she says. “I wear what makes me comfortable because I wear the clothes—the clothes don't wear me. I love sneakers and boots; timberlands, lugz, kswiss. I was a tomboy all the way up to high school so I really didn't know too much about girly things until I got older. I still have the tomboyish ways in me though. I am like the best of both worlds meaning I can throw down in the kitchen and at the same time can go change the brakes out my car. I had to learn a lot of things on my own.�

Melissa’s Words Of Wisdom:
“The statements I live by are my very own words of wisdom—Live for the future, and not in the past, but acknowledge your gift and your present, of life, shall forever last." 
The Three Leaders That Most Inspire Melissa: “Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Clinton.�
Melissa’s Three Favorite Movies: “Kingdom Of Heaven, Gladiator, and Harlem Nights.�
Melissa’s Favorite Books: “Autobiographies and biographies of people who make an impact in today’s world.�
The First Three Things Melissa Would Do As President: “Help the communities in all states; educate the young people of America to help build a better and promising future; and, give police officers, firefighters and teachers the same salary as doctors and lawyers.�
Melissa’s Favorite Cars: “Lexuses and Jags because they are sexy and they define me—
strong, confident, and sexy looking.�

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