Ms. Sunshine State, Stephanie

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Where She’s From: Beautiful Stephanie Perry, 26, a Zodiac, was born and raised in West Palm Beach ,Fl. “I love the beaches and can't live anywhere else  in the United States but the Sunshine State,� she tells The Black Star News with a laugh. “My parents taught me how to be an independent woman,� she adds this outgoing model and actress.

At Palm Beach Lakes High School, she was the Cheerleader Captain and Homecoming Queen, although she had started out in the business much earlier--in Middle School, she was  Miss 8th Grade and Captain of the Pom-Pom Squad. “Although I did start modeling when I was younger, it was while attending college that I got the passion to pursue it. 

The first calendar I did was in Tallahassee, Florida. I received my spot as Ms. Fantasy Dyme,� she says. Stephanie always sets goals, and it terms of modeling, she’s met the targets she set two years ago. “Now I am looking to pursue my dream as a professional actor,� she says.

Where She’s At: She says what makes it easy for her to deal with any temporary obstacles is that she long ago realized it was a business. “I'm totally a business woman and never make it personal,� she explains. Her accomplishments include the lead role in B.G "Move Around" Video, B-Girl, and promotional work with BET, Essence College Tour and Phat Farm Clothing.

To avoid being taken advantage of, Stephanie urges every aspiring model or actress to have a game plan before venturing in. “A lot of people you meet look past your beauty,� she says. “They want to see what knowledge you have.�

For her power dressing up, Stephanie favors Dolce & Gabbana. “They are comfortable to wear,� she says. “I wear Mac Makeup because it matches my complexion. I like the scent of Pleasures Perfume because it's Sweets and Soft. I love Stiletto heels because they make my legs look Sexy.�

Stephanie’s Words Of Wisdom: “Put God first and anything is possible.�
Stephanie’s Secrets Of Success: “Never give up and stay motivated.�

Stephanie’s Favorite All Time Three Movies:
“All Fridays, What's Love Got To Do With It, Dream Girls.�
Stephanie’s Favorite Books: “Confessions of a Video Vixen, Sex Chronicles.�
First Three things Stephanie Would Do As President of USA: “If I was President I would try and put a stop to racism, I would stop gas prices from rising and I would end the war in Iraq.�
Stephanie’s Favorite car: “My dream car is a Pearl two-seater.�

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