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Where She’s From: Nahesha was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica, of mixed Black and Chinese heritage. She came to the United States at a young age.

“The most important thing my mother taught me was to take on hurdles and jump over them without getting overwhelmed to the point of doubting myself or my abilities,” she tells The Black Star News.

Nahesha went to High School on Staten Island and attended college in Manhattan, New York City. “I started modeling about three years ago--stumbled at first, but I’ve learned so much with time,” she says. “I feel I can only get better with more time. I am still in the early stage of my career.”

Where She‘s At:
“I want to surround myself with people who support my love and are able to help me meet my goals,” Nahesha continues. “I am no longer looking to convince people that models are not ho’s or anything like that. I try to separate myself from ones who are like that.”

“At one point I was scared to go to photo shoots because of situations I have been in with well-known photographers,” Nahesha says, when asked about some of the challenges in the industry. “I didn’t want to model anymore or anything with it. I learned to overcome that by going with my instincts and just letting the lord lead my way.”

“My most proud moment was when I was able to pick up a magazine and show my mother that I was in it,” she continues. “She took it to work and was the happiest thing breathing. I felt that I made her proud.”

“Looks can only get you so far, if you don’t know how to speak, and portray yourself with class and intelligence,” she notes. “A lot of people look at me and say ‘oh, she’s so petite’ or ‘so soft spoken.’ But they have no idea of my intelligence. Beauty fades, wisdom remains.”

Her favorite car is a BMW coupe. “It’s just so sexy to me,” she says.

So how does this young beauty prepare to step out?

“I love Nivea lotion; it gives you a glow that nothing else can and it makes you feel so soft,” she says. “I need my lip gloss. Doesn’t matter the brand. I like neutral colors. I am all about as natural as possible, but when I have shoots and shows, then I let the make up artist deal with all the products. I’m a natural beauty,” she laughs.

Nahesha’s Words Of Wisdom:
“No matter when you reach this point in your life you’ll know you’ve made it when you know what you want.”

Nahesha’s Secrets Of Success: “Knowing who I am and setting limits.”

Nahesha’s Favorite Movies: “Four Brothers, and Titanic.”

Nahesha’s Favorite Three Books: “Flyy Girl, Hot Summer Nights, and Wild Jasmine.”

Three Leaders That Have Inspired Nahesha: “Tyra Banks, Beyonce, her grind is so strong, and my mother.”

First Three Things Nahesha Would Do As President: “Stop the war, jobs and the economy needs to be fixed, and health insurance needs to be more accessible for all.”
Nahesha’s Favorite Entertainers And Their Songs: “Beyonce--resentment; Keyshia Cole--I Remember; and, Mary j. Blige--Just Fine.”

Nahesha’s Five Favorite Websites: “,,, and fashion websites.”

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