Nakenna--Confident & Beautiful

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(Nakenna--the heat's gone up in ATL)

Where She’s From:
This stunning head-turner and traffic stopper, Nakenna Nashay, hails from a western suburb outside of Chicago. As a young child, she was chosen by a major book publisher to be a student character on a trip to the library. After receiving a copy of the book, she was so excited to see herself in print that she felt stardom was her destiny.

While pursuing a modeling career in Chicago, Nakenna decided to relocate to Atlanta where the market is on the rise. "Coming from a single family household, my mother supported and understood my goals, however, it hurt her to see me leave,� she confides to The Black Star News. “She is the bread and butter in keeping our household together and has always instilled positive values in me so that when I got out in the world, I would have a good head on my shoulders.�

Where She's At: Nakenna has a classy sex appeal while retaining that girl next door smile. She has appeared as a model in the feature film "Stomp The Yard" featuring Columbus Short and Megan Goode. She was also in a music video for So So Def recording artist Young Capone and upcoming unsigned artists Elie Almytee & Drake. She also has done numerous modeling appearances including being chosen as “Model of the Month� for Chicago radio personality Crazy Howard McGee.

Where She's Heading: Currently she’s teamed up with the late Tupac protégé The Outlawz as a model for the Outlaw Culture clothing line. "I have a strong diverse mind and will take on as many opportunities that are presented to me which will strengthen my career,� she says. “My main goal is to become an actress and currently I’m in extensive training to fulfill this dream."

Nakenna is a standout beauty with grace and intelligence. "As an aspiring actress and model, industry giants will not take you seriously and you have four seconds to impress or you will be forgotten,� she explains. “First impressions are lasting."

To enhance her glow, Nakenna regularly uses Olay Body Quench body lotion topped with Jergens Body Glow. "A combination of the two makes my skin radiant," she notes. But you have to have the right fit to show off that radiance. On a night out on the town, you can catch Nakenna rocking a pair of PZI Jeans with a sexy top, Isaac Mizrahi pumps and a splash of Chanel No. 5. "I have always found it difficult to find a pair of jeans to accent my curves. PZI does the job!" she laughs.

Nakenna’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Do you. Once you have found your will, you have to package it and present it to the world.�
Nakenna’s Secrets of Success: “Your state of mind is very important. Always be positive and think success, not failure. Beware of negative environments.�
Nakenna’s Three Favorite Movies: “Shawshank Redemption, Menace II Society, Ghost.�
Nakenna’s Three Favorite Books:  "The Coldest Winter Ever", A Day Late, A Dollar Short, and Casting The First Stone"
The First Three Things Nakenna Would Do As President: “Generate more funds into educating the younger generation; make sure Social Security benefits are not rationed for senior citizens; and, have healthcare insurance for all children and the elderly.�

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