Nana: With Love From Bamako

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Where She’s From: Beautiful model and intellectual, Nana, whose Zodiac sign is Scorpio, was born and raised in Bamako, the capital city of Mali in West Africa; coincidentally, there’s a wonderful must-see film by the same name now showing at The Film Forum in New York City.

“I've learned the best values of life from my parents,� Nana tells The Black Star News. “If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be who I am. They taught me how to be the best person I can be.� Nana’s motto is “Dreams do come true.�

Nana attended school in Mali. After high school, her parents sent her here to attend college in Delaware. “I studied architecture—just got my bachelors degree,� she adds.

Where She’s At:
“My career got launched about three years ago when I got discovered by a model search company which then sent me to New York to find agencies. Three out of five agencies called me back and that was the start. My career is still very young and I still consider myself as part of the beginners. Of course, like everybody, I want to be very successful at what I do and be one of the best out there. I also want to be a great inspiration to other people not only in the fashion industry but in life in general.�

How does Nana deal with life’s challenges? “You just need to be strong and set up goals to achieve,� she tells The Black Star. “I stay true to myself in my everyday life. Never forget where I come from, and I keep in touch with my family and friends no matter where I am. They are my strength, and of course God is my ultimate inspiration to achieve whatever I want in life.�

Nana has already worked in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles; from runway shows to editorial jobs. “I'm proud of every single job I've done and I respect them all at the same level. From my first modeling job to my latest one; from the big names to the not so known,� she notes.

Where She’s Going:
“Well I'd like to achieve big things in the fashion world and put my country on the map,� Nana adds. “I'd also do a lot of humanitarian work. I'm on the verge of creating my own Foundation called Circle of Joy that is going to raise money to help children in need in my country and around the world depending on where we'll get representations.�

Nana’s Words Of Wisdom: “Stay true to yourself; be strong; always believe in yourself; and keep God close to your heart.�
Nana’s Secrets Of Success: “Hard work and determination.�
Nana’s Favorite Three Films: “The Terminal, Mean Girls, and Love and Basketball.�
Nana’s Three Favorite Books: “Most of them are in French—Cahier D'un Retour Au Pays Natal, by Aimé Césaire who is also one of my all time favorite writers, L'etrange Destin De Wangrin, by Amadou Hampate Ba, and L'enfant Noir by Camara Laye.�

The First Three Things Nana Would Do As President:
“Paint the Whitehouse a different color. Do a runway show with all my favorite designers on the Air Force One. Just kidding. I don't think that's going to happen as I wasn't born here. But if I was, I'd do lot’s of humanitarian work, I'd focus on poverty, not only in poor countries but in the US as well.�
Nana’s Favorite Cars: “I think Mercedes and BMW but again I don't really know cars that well.�

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