Naturrai: Zimbabwe’s Pride

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[Black Star Talent]

Where She’s From: Beautiful model and emerging film director, Naturrai, whose Zodiac sign is Gemini, was born in lovely Zimbabwe. “Growing up, l realized that trust and faith was the biggest lessons l learned from my parents,� she tells The Black Star News.

Naturrai went to school in Zimbabwe before coming to the US and studying fashion marketing at AIU. “I am still in the process of launching my career,� she adds.

Her interests also include work as a makeup artist; directing film lets her combine skills with her equally beautiful and talented sisters. “Hopefully my sister and I are going to be one of the youngest Zimbabwean directors—we just finished our first documentary, The Dark Complex,� Naturrai adds.

Where She’s At: In addition to the documentary, of which she is extremely proud, Naturrai has sung the national anthem for the WNB and the NBA and worked as a makeup artist for several stars. She also wants to do more to help raise awareness in the battle against the global AIDS pandemic.

Unlike many models, Naturrai doesn’t stress when it’s time to get ready to step out. “I don't really pay attention to the name brands and all. I have a little of everything—even good will,� she says, with a laugh.

Naturrai’s Words Of Wisdom: “An idle mind is the devil’s playground. Keep yourself busy—if you do, love and life will come to you.�
Naturrai’s Secrets Of Success: “Working hard.�
Naturrai’s Favorite Three Movies: “Rent, Rent, and Rent.
I think I have watched it over 100 times.�
Naturrai’s Favorite Three Books: “Lovers and players, Miracle, The House on Hope Street.�
Black Leaders Who’ve Inspired Naturrai Most: “Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela.�
Sentence Describing Accomplishments At End Of Day: “I did it with a smile on my face.�

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