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Where She’s From: Nik'ol Garcia was born in Palos Heights Hospital and raised in Chicago’s Southside. “Important things I learned when I was growing up was not to talk to strangers and always respect your parents because they want the best for you,” she tells The Black Star News. “My mother and father raised me and my older sister.” 

Nik'ol went to Rich South High School where she played Varsity Basketball for four years. She received a full scholarship to play basketball at Loyola University, Chicago, where she’s in her final year.

Where She’s At: Nik'ol, who graduates next year in May, started modeling during her freshmen year. “Although I have been modeling for going on four years now I feel I am still in the beginning stages of my career,” she says. “I need more experience with people, still waiting to do my first runway show.”

I see my career really taking off after college,” Nik'ol adds. “My aspiration is to be an icon for all women; athletes especially. People have negative images about women basketball players. I want the world to know we are beautiful and truly ladies too.”

“One challenge that seems to occur often is trying to balance books, basketball, and modeling,” she continues. “Sometimes I will get invited to a networking event at night but know I have class and ball practice early the next day. I get so frustrated that I can’t do it all. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on things in the modeling industry. I deal with them by relaxing my mind with a nice walk by the lake. I close my eyes and say I ‘can do this!’”

“I am a part of Urban Capital Entertainment, and I am happy to say that I am one of their main models,” Nik'ol says. “They are located in Washington, D.C. and are a great group of individuals. CEO Carlos Howard has been a good friend of mine since I began my career.”

“Without your cute face, you have nothing if you don’t use your brain,” Nik'ol warns other aspirants. “In the modeling industry now, it’s so sad to see young women like myself not using more of the brain. Everyone wants to show body, body, booty. I made a goal when I first started modeling to be different. I want to show young girls you don’t have to show your body to be beautiful. They look at us as role models; we must give them something more to live life for.”

So how does this beautiful young lady prepare to go out?

“The only Name brand jeans that seem to fit me are Roca Wear,” says the 6ft tall beauty. “I do have some Capri Jumpsuits by Baby Phat that look great on me as well. My favorite store to shop in is Old Navy and you can also find me in Lerner New York or Express also. I use cocoa butter lotion and Black Soap to wash my face morning and night. I love to wear Addidas but I do have a few pair of Nike. My favorite shoes in my closet now are some Steve Madden heels. I wear a lot of Revlon products on my face, but I have to say Mac Eye Shadow is the best because they are so strong, and eye catching.”

Nik'ol’s Words Of Wisdom: “Only you can make yourself happy.”
Nik'ol’s Secret To Success: “Education.”
Nik'ol’s Favorite Three Movies: “Paid in Full; Glory Road; and, Transformers.”
Nik'ol’s Three Favorite Books: “Hardy Boys Books; Harry Potter Collection; and, A Porcupine Named Fluffy.”
Three leaders That Have Most Inspired Nik'ol: “Martin Luther King Jr.; Michael Jordan; and my mother Marlene Garcia.”
First Three Things Nik'ol Would Do As President: “Give food and clothes to children in Africa; put money towards dealing with Global Warming because if something is not done soon we all will be in trouble; and, clean up the Gangs and Drug abusers in America.”
Nik'ol’s Favorite Cars: “Dream car is Lamborghini; love Range Rovers, Royce Phantom, and all Motorcycles.”
Nik'ol’s Favorite Entertainers: “Love Avant and home town Legend R. Kelly, and Twista, Beyonce, and Monica.”
Nik'ol’s Favorite Websites: “,,,,”
A Short Nik'ol Story: “One day we were in the mall shopping for clothes—we get inside t-mobile, she sits down and waits for me. I get the women to bring out a D. Wade Edition sidekick, I show it to my mom. ‘Mom you see this? Touch it, it has bball texture on the backside.’ She holds it for a while and looks at me like, ‘I know you don’t think you’re getting this.’ I give her the puppy dog eyes like my. ‘My grades are good, and I have been doing good playing basketball, and not to mention I don’t have any kids!’ She had no choice after that; she handed the women her credit card and told me not to ask for anything else. I was so happy that day. Thanks Mom!”


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