Nkechi, Pride Of Tallahassee

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Where She’s From: Nkechi Ikediobi, a beautiful Leo, was born in Tallahassee, Florida, on August 1, 1985. “My parents named me Nkechi which means God's wish and I truly believe I am the embodiment of God's wish,� she tells The Black Star News.

“My mother is Egyptian and my father is Nigerian.  Because of my parents’ strict background, I lived a sheltered, yet educationally productive lifestyle in the suburbs. With that type of resourceful upbringing, I cultivated the importance of education, confidence, and conquering the world as an individual.�

Nkechi currently attend Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. “I've always had a passion for modeling since I was 13 by watching my sisters model. It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I really became confident within myself to model,� she adds. “I joined a modeling troupe named Images Modeling Troupe my freshman year of college, 2003 and then in 2006 I started doing promotional modeling for VIP Marketing and Promotions.� From there, Nkechi did work with TjsDjs, cover modeled for photographers’ websites, and calendar ventures.

Where She’s At: What sets her apart from other models? “I just want to enjoy doing what I'm most passionate about, which is modeling,� Nkechi says. “I always tell my friends, I don't mind modeling without pay. That's how you know you truly have a passion for something, when you can do it without considering monetary benefits.�

Nkechi’s accomplishments includes a music video for an independent artist Hanz Solo "Chop Shop," fashion model for TjsDjs Music Conference, model for Speedrace Magazine, and Head model for VIP Marketing and Promotions. “I have some more upcoming gigs such as billboard and catalogue work. So be on the lookout,� she says.

Where She’s Heading:
Nkechi wants to do more print modeling, editorials, commercials, catalogues, small movie roles, and promotional work. “I love to talk and interact with people. I know I can succeed and will succeed. It's just going to take a lot of time. I give myself another year or two,� she adds.

What’s Nkechi learned so far being in the industry? “I am a very compassionate, caring individual and people in the industry take one's kindness for weakness,� she explains. “My personality is a challenge I have had to overcome with regards to knowing who to trust and being able to decipher one’s motives and whether the motives are genuine or not. Also, gaining friendships with other females in the modeling industry has proved difficult because they tend to backstab you. Once they see you’re a threat to them, they tend to leave you out of things and become fake.�

Nkechi believes the models that are best poised to succeed in the extremely competitive industry are those who leverage brainpower. “I am a very educated individual. I am not solely going to rely on modeling,� she explains. “I will be graduating in April and upon graduation I will be pursuing my Masters in Health Administration and my Masters in Business dministration at the same time. It's important to combine brainpower and beauty because it will get you farther in life and you'll be more than just a pretty face. An educated woman is a powerful woman.�

So when Nkechi gets ready to step out, how does she prepare?: “I wear Lacoste, Polo, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Express, and clothing from Wet Seal and Forever 21. As far as purses, I wear Coach, Guess, and Liz Clairborne. I don't wear makeup except for eye shadow, eyeliner and lipgloss. All that foundation and the extra stuff just doesn't excite me and it's bad for your skin anyways! But for lipgloss and eye shadow I use Mac and the eyeliner is from Wal-Mart! For shoes, I love pumps so I get most of my shoes from Bella Donna, a shoe store in Tallahassee, or Macy's.�

Nkechi’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Live simply so others may simply live!�
Nkechi’s Secrets Of Success: “Education, confidence, charisma, and of course God.�
Nkechi’s Favorite Three Movies: “Story of supermodel Gia Caranja; Pride & Prejudice; and Coming to America.�
Nkechi’s Favorite Three Books: “Gifted Hands, by Ben Carter; Star by Danielle Steele, and Innocent Man by John Grisham.�
First Three Things Nkechi Would Do As President: “Implement a universal health care system, raise the minimum wage, and cease outsourcing of jobs.�
Nkechi’s Favorite Car: “It’s a Honda! Honda are very durable cars—they are simple yet elegant, and they last a long time. That is how I am and how I want to mirror my career: to be simple and humble, yet classy, and stand the test of time.�
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