Nnenna Areté’s Million Eyes

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Where She’s From:
Nnenna Areté describes her life as one "hilariously beautiful" journey.
She was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where she grew up with her mother and three sisters. "I adore them,� she gushes, to The Black Star News. “I feel so blessed to have grown up with three amazing sisters and a hard working mother. Every woman in my family is creatively talented in someway. We have a stylist, a chef, a designer, and my mom pretty much does everything."

This beautiful photographer bought her first camera when she was 15. “Looking back, the memory is hilarious and admirable,� she says. “I purchased it on a lay-a-away plan. It was only 90 dollars. I took photos of everything and everyone. Everyone at school knew I carried my camera every day. I bought my first SLR camera at age 22, as a gift to myself, after being inspired by a black and white photo postcard. The photo was of Martin Luther King Jr. among a crowd of admirers. I was so moved by the photo that I wished I had been there. I was intrigued by the facial expressions, looks of humility, and perfect composition. At that moment, my love for photography was conceived. My photos are now the birth of my ideas, thoughts, and love for others."

Where She’s At: Nnenna says photography has allowed her to “grow into a stronger, more confident woman,� and that her photography “will bless and open the minds of many.� A review of some of her work on www.myspace.com/3dollars6dimes, confirms this statement. The camera gives her a million eyes.

It was only in November of 2006, that Nnenna transitioned to digital photography. “My love for true black and white photography made the transition somewhat difficult for me,� she concedes. “The first month was bitter sweet. I loved the instant gratification of digital images, but it took some time for me to actually like the images. I now have an appreciation for color images, although they tell a completely different story than black and white. I have my camera with me daily. I even drive with it sitting next to me. I never know when I'll be inspired.�

Where She’s Heading:
Nnenna currently lives in Los Angeles, California where she continues to work on several projects. "My ultimate goal is to make people feel something when they see my photos,� she explains. “I want to evoke emotion and pull people in the way the postcard did me. I also intend for my photography to challenge people's thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Every day we are bombarded with photos of picture perfect people and things. I'd like to remind people of the beauty in imperfection. There are also so many people and concepts with stories that deserve to be told. I intend to tell them with photography.�

Nnenna’s Words of Wisdom: “I cannot express how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded people. I feel very fortunate to have a small group of friends who inspire and challenge me. We all want to educate and change the world with our various arts. We truly love and uplift one another. Sisterhood is the foundation that keeps me firmly planted in my purpose. If you surround yourself with those who want nothing but the best for you, it will come to fruition.�
Nnenna’s Secrets of Success: “It's very important to know exactly what you want and enjoy the process of getting there. For a long time, I didn't know what I wanted to achieve with my photography. I only knew that I loved it. Then I realized in order to be fruitful, I needed to plant seeds of purpose. Now I set specific goals that launch me towards my greater purpose. I also enjoy the journey and visualize myself succeeding in every project I take on.�

Nnenna’s Favorite Movies: Love Me If You Dare; Closer; Raising Victor Vargas.�
Nnenna’s Favorite Books: “The Celestine Prophecy; The Alchemist; and The Bluest Eye.�
The First Three Things Nnenna Would Do As President: “Health care would be provided to all; public education would have a larger emphasis on emotional intelligence, awareness, and consciousness; and there would be stricter laws protecting the environment and natural resources.�

For more on this lovely socially conscious photographer please visit www.myspace.com/3dollars6dimes

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