Numa: The All-Seeing Director

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Where She’s From: Oh, those eyes have stories.

Born in Port au Prince Haiti and thereafter adopted by an American family, Numa Perrier tells The Black Star News she was raised in small town USA. “I spent a good portion of my life feeding goats and pigs!” she boasts. No matter the size of the city, she always found a way to let her artistic abilities shine. She was in her first play at eight years old and has never looked back. She continued her work as an actress and a writer as she graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts.

Where She’s At: Soon after, Numa came to Los Angeles and has since worked on ABC’s General Hospital as well as numerous film, stage, and commercial credits.  Last year she stepped behind the camera in her directorial debut “Judi: A Series of Memories.” Based on her life as the daughter of a diabetic, the film has served to educate many of the physical and psychological aspects of the disease.

This summer Numa also wrote and produced the film, “Lord Guide my 16 year old Daughter.” She worked side by side the director/producer of the controversial “Color of the Cross.” Numa delivered a warm and meaningful story of a young girl struggling with the daily pressures of drugs and sex versus following the path of the church. 

In addition, if that weren’t enough, Numa’s now in El Salvador working on her second feature film Querida Antonia (Dear Antonia) a documentary depicting the journey of a woman who left her family behind in Central America to pursue her independence.  The story is told in Spanish, which Numa admits she speaks “un paquito.” Will this be a problem? “I won’t let a language barrier stand in the way of telling this beautiful story about a remarkable woman,” she says with a confident smile and twinkle in her beautiful large eyes. Indeed, Numa relishes challenges. What would life be with no obstacles to surmount?

Numa’s Words of wisdom:
“You are what you think. Get your mind right and express yourself fearlessly.”
Secret to Success: “If you’re down or sleepless and restless, don’t fight it. Listen to yourself. It is in these moments that the great ideas are born.”
Three favorite films: “Dogville, Bamboozled, The Seventh Seal.”
Three favorite books: “The Angry Book, Breath Eyes Memory, The Undiscovered Self.”
Three Things Numa Would Do As President: “Stop the Genocide in Darfur,
implement mandatory classes on the eradication of racism in every public and private school as well as every business, and, grant more privileges and incentives to those who contribute to the reversal of global warming and dependence on crude oil.”

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