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Where She’s From:
Reicha Frazier was born and raised in Queens, New York.  “I believe the most important things I learned from my parents are to believe in yourself, always maintain a positive attitude, and to give respect and you will receive it,” she tells The Black Star News.
Reicha went to Hillcrest High School and to York College. “I have always wanted to model but I was very shy my entire life,” she adds.  “The photographer who took my senior pictures in high school asked me if I had ever though about modeling. I told him that I was but was too shy. Before I knew it, he got me into local fashion shows and we did some photo shoots. It has been my passion every since than.”

Where She’s At: “I see my career going in a direction that will eventually open doors into other related careers such as acting,” she adds. “I took a few acting classes and I am searching for an opportunity that will allow me to utilize what I learned so far.”

“This industry is tough, the competition is thick. That's a challenge by itself,” Reicha continues.  “You have to make yourself stick out from the rest of the competition without losing your self respect. It’s a challenge for me to be humble and accept that I may not be the right girl for the job sometimes. I try to face all approaching challenges with a smile and a positive attitude. Then, I go shoe shopping to make myself feel better,” she says, with a laugh.

“It is necessary to have some brain power in order to read these contracts and agreements. Even if you do have a manager who reads everything for you, it is important that you read it also—it’s your money,” she adds.

So how does this young model prepare to step out?

“MAC makeup. The eye shadows stay on all day and the lip-gloss does not crease in the corner of your lips. My favorite shade is Beaux. DKNY Cashmere Mist Perfume-it has a very soft and sensual scent Ralph Lauren Romance-very sexy, yet reserved scent. I can go on and on with perfumes. Shoes-BCBG, Guess, Aldo, Baby Phat, Marc Jacobs, Kenzi, Nine West, Charles David. I can go on and on with shoes too. Body Lotions-Love Spell by Vicky Secrets, Wild Honey Suckle and Sweet Pea by Bath & Body Works. Facial products-anything from Dermologica especially the Anti-Bac face wash and I am faithful to Ole Henrickson's Sheer Transformation cream. It’s expensive but worth every penny. As far as clothing, I love all clothes. I will wear whatever looks good on me.”

Reicha’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Persistence Wears Down Resistance.”
Reicha’s Secrets Of Success: “Believe in yourself and remember that you have to go out and get what you want. It will not come knocking on the door to your house looking for you.”
Reicha’s Favorite Three Movies: “Lord of the Rings, Training Day, Final Destination.”
Reicha’s Favorite Three Books: “The Coldest Winter Ever by Sistah Souljah; Who Moved My Cheese by S. Johnson; and Rich Dad Poor Dad by R. Kiyosaki.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Reicha: “Tyra Banks, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Oprah.”
The First Three Things Reicha Would Do As President: “No tax on shoes, clothes or handbags; pull all troops out of Iraq; we are spending too much money and most importantly losing way too many lives; use all the money that the USA would save if troops were not in Iraq to send food and medical supplies to nations where children are dying each day from starvation and untreated disease.”
Reicha’s Favorite Cars:  “Mercedes Benz C230-very sexy; BMW 3 series-sophisticated; My 2008 Scion tC-it gets me where I got to go everyday and its soooo cute.”
Reicha’s Favorite Entertainers: “K.Sparks, Lupe Fiasco, Mary J. Blige, T.I, Beyonce and Kanye West.”
Reicha’s Favorite Five,,,”

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