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Where She’s From: Lovely Veronica Clayborne was born in Durant, Oklahoma.


“I was raised in the small town of Spiro, Oklahoma,” she tells The Black Star News. “My mother was from Germany, and my father, Miami. We are an extremely close family. My parents instilled a sense of strong morals and self awareness in myself. They taught me to be strong.”


Clayborne graduated with a BA in journalism from the University of Oklahoma. She confesses that she’d always wanted to model already almost 6 feet tall in the 7th grade. “My parents valued education so school was first and now I’m conquering my dreams,” the young beauty adds. “I want to die a Supermodel. I also sing and I’m hoping to work more on my personal music project this year.”


“In 2006, I abruptly lost my mother. She was my life,” Clayborne says, when asked how she deals with challenges. “In Dec of 2007, my father quietly passed away after a long difficult illness. I have six brother and sisters and it was so hard for us to pick up the pieces and move on. I felt at times that the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I find strength in them and vise versa. I know God is with me, and I take everyday, one at a time. Every step I take is to honor the legacy of two amazing people who departed this life so prematurely.”

Where She’s At:
Clayborne is well on her way to realizing her goals. She’s been featured on MTV Spring Break show "Pretty Smart," Jamaque Magazine April 2008 in a 16-page spread, and she’s walked in numerous fashion shows including designers-Eva Danielle, Palm Beach Couture Fashion Week Runway for Andres Aquino, 944 Magazine Zodiac pool party and Amaya swimwear Fashion Show.


“I have shot with numerous nationally-known photographers including the famed Matthew Jordan Smith, who shot the February 2008 Essence cover of Tyra Banks,” she says. “I have shot several commercials, print ads and I am currently booking shows for Miami Fashion Week.” She says modeling is a stepping stone for future endeavors.

So how does this beauty prepare to step out?

“I’m totally addicted to Victoria’s Secret; everything,” Clayborne says. “Their new body mouses are my favorite, and they’re edible. I can't live with out MAC fix powder and lashes. I’m not really a brand whore. I where what looks good and what makes me feel pretty.”


This Pisces also enjoys a good ride; she loves Lexuses but her dream car is a Bentley gt drop top.


Clayborne’s Words Of Wisdom: “Always stay true to yourself; live hard today, you may die young. Leave a legacy worth honoring.”

Clayborne’s Secrets Of Success: “Wanting it more than everyone else and figuring out innovative ways to standout and snatch your dreams.”

Clayborne’s Favorite Three Movies: “City of Angels, Legends of the Fall, Lion King.”

Clayborne’s Favorite Three Books: “The Bible, Malcolm X, Incidents In The Life of A Slave Girl.”

Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Clayborne: “Gandhi, Malcolm X, Barack Obama.”
First Three Things Clayborne Would Do As President: “Total welfare reform--I would push for laws that gradually help these programs to help underprivileged families instead of crippling them. I would help to create a universal health care program. I would send a letter of apology to the citizens of Iraq.”

Clayborne’s Favorite Entertainers And Their Songs: “Etta James-Suga On The Floor; Alanis Morrisette-You Learn; Fall Out Boys; and, Ray Charles-Hard Times.”

Clayborne’s Five Favorite Websites:modelmayhem.com , myspace.com, facebook.com,  people.com, tmz.com.”

A Short Clayborne Statement: “I seriously need a reality show because there is no way I could explain the insanity in one story. My life is dramatic and over the top. I’m so lovin' life right now.”





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