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Where She’s From: Twenty-four year old model Candisha Hickman was born in Philadelphia to a father from Barbados and an African American mother.

She says her main inspiration in life comes from her mother Charlene and her little cousin Rodisha. “My mother gave me life—if it wasn’t for her struggling everyday I would not be here. Then there is my little cousin a.k.a “mini me.� This 10-year-old girl pushes me everyday to be somebody. I feel like I have to pick up the missing pieces in her life and try to make some since of them. For her to loose her mother, my best friend, to breast cancer at the age of two and have to walk through life without any kind of mother figure is just something that I will not allow.�

“Due to the fact that my mother had to work two jobs most of my life just to get me the things that I needed, she missed out on a lot of key moments in my life,� she recalls. “My father was never a factor, so my aunt Diane picked up where they left off. But when she passed away I was pretty much by myself at that point.�

Candisha believes the hard times has prepared her for the modeling and entertainment industry. “Growing up around nothing but drugs and violence I began spending most of my time playing basketball, singing, and rappin’. Doing these things kept me sane and of out trouble,� she says.

Where She’s At: Enduring a lot of pain with the loss of loved ones and heartbreak she found that by  writing music she could express herself more clearly and can let go of whatever hurt she was feeling. Candisha is now in college and wants to earn a degree in Web Design to boost her business career as she continues to model and write music. “I’m a strong, beautiful, Black butterfly,� she says with a laugh.

Candisha launched her career when she attended modeling school at age 17. “For about five years modeling was put on the back burner to school and certain things in my life,� she adds. “But now I have been fully focused on it, along with singing.�

She’s still learning “the ends and outs of the business,� and that “not everyone is who they say they are and you cannot put your trust into just anybody. There are a lot of snakes in this industry so you have to keep your eyes open wide at all times.�

Where She’s Heading: Nowadays, Candisha takes pleasure in the awe she provides at auditions. “When I open my mouth to sing and people take notice and see what it is that I can really do, the looks that’s left on there face is priceless,� she laughs. “It seems from the door there’s so much doubt but when I bring it they have no choice but to turn they’re hate in to faith and appreciation.�

However, just being another pretty face is never good enough. “Yeah ok, so you’re beautiful, but what else can you do? I’m not saying you have to be a genius but if you don’t have the brainpower behind the looks you might as well just give up,� she says. “First and foremost if you don’t have a good head on your shoulders you will get run down in this business.�

“Second, being intelligent and being able to hold a conversation with some substance couldn’t be sexier. There is not one guy that I know who wants to be with someone whose brain is lost in space somewhere,� she adds.
Candisha dresses to kill with Rocawear, BabyPhat, See Thru Soul, Aeropostale, and any track jacket or tee shirt from Hot Topic. “Rocawear, BabyPhat, and See Thru Soul gives me the hip-hop glam look when I want to be street,� she says.
“Aeropostale and Hot Topic gives me the punk rock-skate board look that I love so much. When it comes to makeup no doubt it’s MAC all the way. Wouldn’t wear anything else. There is only one brand of perfume I wear and you will never catch me in anything else but ESCADA. If I’m not wearing my Escada I feel like a piece of me is missing that’s how much I love the stuff. As far as shoes go I will pretty much where any brand that’s sold at Macy’s and Bloomingdales.�

Candisha’s Words Of Wisdom: “Never let anything or anyone get in the way of reaching your goals. There will be may obstacles in the road to success, don’t let them throw you off track.�
Candisha’s Secrets Of Success: “Have faith in yourself and God and you will get to where you want to be in life without a doubt.�
Candisha’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “My three all time favorite movies are Scarface, Kama Sutra; A tale of love, and School Daze.�
Candisha’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “My three all time favorite books are Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree, Your Best life now Joel Osteen, and Addicted by Zane.�

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