Prajje Jean Baptiste: Hatian-Born Designer's Fall 2014 Collections

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On May 29 2014 Designer Prajje Jr. Jean-Baptiste was invited to headline at Color Revolution in Saint Maarten. Upon his arrival to the island he was taken by its great beauty.

Prajje decided not to waste such an opportunity and began using the remarkable landscape as a backdrop for a photo shoot of his gowns. Shown here is one of Prajje's vintage gowns; it's worn by ANTM British Invasion Annaliese Dayes, whom he met in Saint Maarten and took over the Island for the shoot. Photograph by Clint Gorou.

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Prajje was firm when asked at a meeting a few weeks ago about Prajje 1983's involvement in fashion week: "no show" was his answer. "Shows do not generate revenue, they are a financial strain and a distraction. No more shows. I prefer to concentrate on my work and create unique and affordable clothes that my customers cherish."

Prajje is completing his Spring/Summer 2015 Antillaise collection, plus a new line simply called Prajje, a more affordable version of the Prajje1983 line.

Both lines will be presented exclusively in Boston on the occasion of a fundraiser for the Rasin Foundation at the Endicott Estate on September 28, 2014. In the meantime Prajje is focused on selling his product both on Prajje and to high end boutiques.

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