Pride Of Congo: Josianne

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Where She's From:
Stylish and beautiful Josianne J. was born in what’s now The Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire. “I was born in a city near Angola and southern part of the Atlantic Ocean border called Matadi,� she tells The Black Star News. “I came to USA when I was two to escape trouble back home.�

The young lady was raised in Olathe, Kansas, her three brothers by my aunt and pastor, uncle Joe. “I was forced to move to Houston when I was 11 and that was best thing that's ever happened to me. I learned how to be a woman just by living alone from age 12 in Houston. Persistence and dedication are the keys to success.�

Josianne attended George Bush High school and looks forward to college. “I have a traveling bug so I don't know what city I want to park my horse at,� she says. “I will be going to school to perfect my French, fashion and business.�

Where She's At: Josianne believes she’s blessed, being paid to do what she enjoys, which is modeling. She hopes that one day, after a thriving career, she can contribute towards improving the lot of her compatriots in the Congo. “My uncle tried to speak out in the 1980s about the Congo fiasco but the fraudulent government invited him to dinner and poisoned him,� she recalls. “I am willing to stand up for what I believe in even if it means me losing my life in the process as well.� 

Josianne’s background has prepared her for every challenge life presents, she says. “If you say you can't or lose hope, you can already say goodbye to whatever it is you're trying to attain,� she warns. “Positive mental attitude is the answer to everything.� Josianne is now working with renowned photographer Ted Viens for a new series of pictures that she believes will elevate her to the next level.

How does Josianne prepare to step out? “Lip service, Miss Sixty, Victoria's Secret and my own clothing,� she explains. “Makeup: Loreal, Victoria's secret, Anna sui, Scott Barnes because they never make me break out nor are they too oil. Scott Barnes has the best foundation in the universe. Perfume: Victoria's Secrets Very sexy for her part 1 and Body by Victoria, every time I wear those scents people go loco!� she laughs.

Josianne’s Words Of Wisdom: “Never say you can't. Don't give in. Respect your elders. A quiet response such as ignoring ignorance is much more powerful than shouting matches.�
Josianne’s Secrets Of Success: “Believing in yourself and never giving up. One door closes and another one opens.�
Josianne’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “The Gods must be crazy, Any Bruce Campbell movie and most scary movies, including the old Bella Lugusi black and whites.�
Josianne’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “I have too many...�
The First Three Things Josianne Would Do As President Of USA: “Legalize marijuana, stop world hunger, and create peace in every country by taking out all evil dictators and exploitative bad governments.�
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