Problems?: Call Virtual Techies

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One of the realties of using a computer often enough is that at some point you will probably need some type of technical support. Everyday people face computer issues that include crashes, viruses and a multitude of other problems. 

Most simply continue using computers that aren’t working up to their potential because they don’t have the time or desire to take it somewhere to be fixed or have a stranger come into the home to work on it. Now there’s another option that people are finding to be the most convenient of all – having their computers fixed remotely.

“People have their entire lives on their computers, so when it comes to repairs and maintenance they aren’t comfortable handing their computer over to someone to service it,� says Adam Sanderson, president of Computer Overhauls (, a company specializing in protecting computers. “With the ability to access and fix computers remotely we can work on someone’s computer when it’s convenient for them. This allows us to work on anyone’s computer right through the Internet. People don’t have to worry about someone coming out or having to hand over their computer.â€? 

Whether the computer is months or years old makes no difference, the goal is to keep it running smoothly. Computers that have been slowed down due to problems with software or viruses can be a menace to even the most patient of users.

There are programs that can be installed to try to clean the system, but using the wrong one can often make your computer worse. People add an anti-virus or anti-spyware program but unbeknownst to them the computer already has an infection that prevents the program from detecting it, giving the user a false sense of security. Another option is dropping the system off at a computer store where they essentially wipe the system clean. The drawback to this method is that the person loses everything they had on their computer. Another option is to have the computer overhauled. 

“The nice thing about overhauls is that we can clean up a customer’s computer in the privacy of their own home or office without actually being there,â€? says Sanderson. “We connect to their computer remotely via the Internet and remove all of the nasty infections that have slowed down the computer. Once the computer has been cleaned we configure all necessary components to protect their computer. The end result is a fast, secure computer that still has all their data.â€?  

Another option that most people contemplate when their computer has problems is to simply buy a new one. This may not be a smart move because within a matter of months the new system can be running just like the old one. Right out of the box a new computer is not protected against spyware, viruses or hackers. When a computer is overhauled the software running the system is updated and all the appropriate protection is put in place right from the start. 

“It’s almost like a car,� adds Sanderson, “you get it serviced every six months. You need to do the same for your computer to keep it running in tip-top shape.�

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