Queen’s Gorgeous Amber Tennyson

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Where She’s From: Gorgeous Amber Tennyson was born in Queens, New York and partially raised there and in Atlanta, GA. She’s also lived in Miami, FL, Michigan, and in San Diego, CA. 

Amber is grand-daughter of William “Bill� Tennyson, a self-taught Louisiana-born musician who gained renown as Harlem composure—he was one of the first Black men at the Julliard.

“My mother taught me the basics of linguistics, writing and art; very important skills that have carried me a long way,� she tells The Black Star News. “My father taught me about operating a business and computer science. I have a talented family and I'm blessed for that.�

Amber attended Georgia State University and she will be continuing school, learning motion picture production. She’s also fluent in French and Spanish.

Amber is a model, actress, musician, painter, linguist and business woman.
Amber is undaunted by the challenges young entrepreneurs face. “Success—that's all I allow myself to see because I work hard, and no one knows how much drive you put into your own goals other than yourself,� she explains. “I have a lot of projects planned and expect them to be of major interest.�

She’s had business savvy since childhood. Her father was a computer science educator and business owner at the beginning stages of the Internet and computer graphic design industries. “We would print newsletters together and I would promote whatever we were doing from Michigan to New York,� she recalls.

“I first started my own cleaning and pick-up service in the summers with my friends at age eight then later in high school sold product like sunglasses, jewelry, and candy.� At age 18, she incorporated her first business, Last Nomad Crafts, Inc. and sold handcrafted goods wholesale to boutiques and attended festivals, private showings, and arranged art shows where she would show and sell her paintings. “I currently have a collection of about 16 paintings,� she notes.

Where She’s At: Amber’s achievements include an appearance on HBO'sTV special Breaking Into Freedom; she was an extra in Fighting Temptation; and she cast for Double/Stand-In for Zoe Saldana in Drumline.

Her Television appearances have included Urban Models, People TV Atlanta, The Underground Talent Mart, UPN, Usher Truth Tour Commercial, ImageMil Studios; and Silver Cedes Presents, People TV Atlanta. Her most recent speaking part was alongside Malik Yoba in the upcoming film Overkill.

Her own musical influences embraces R&B, HipHop, Reggaeton, Dance/Club Music. “It makes you think of a mix of Sade and Vanity with a vital component of HipHop, but very much my own,� she says of her music. “While producing my own music I produced my own sound, although I've been influenced by so many different styles from urban to international I never listened to the music in vain. I try to make a whole new style that fits the times and brings things to another level.�

Where She’s Heading: “Without BRAINPOWER beauty can be taken advantage of,� she warns other aspiring models. “The most of us may have to learn from experience and grow out of our naive youth, but brainpower is what sets you apart. Brainpower is your own wealth, something you've worked hard at and no one can take away from you; If you have it you can always use it to help you in making tough business decisions.�

When Amber is ready to step out, how does she prepare? “I'm not too big on material things, but I do like designers like Roberto Cavalli and Marithe + Francois Girbaud,� she says. “I like sports cars from the Corvette Z06 to the Bugatti Veyron, computer gadgets, and fine jewelry.�

Amber Tennyson’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Never give up no matter what obstacles you face. Don 't be so hard on yourself even if you don't make the best decision every time. If it's not working try a new method, but make sure it's yours not someone else's.�
Amber Tennyson’s Secrets Of Success: “I'm close to figuring that out.�
Amber Tennyson’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Coming to America, Frida and Black Orpheus.�
Amber Tennyson’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “The Sirius Mystery, Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee, My French dictionary from high school.�
The First Three Things Tennyson Would Do As President: “I would work towards eradicating poverty and drugs in the U.S., implement a new trade law to give back more income to impoverished nations that the U.S. imports raw materials from, and reinstitute intense courses on anthropology, genealogy, and extensive world history in the school systems from Kindergarten through high school.�

To contact Amber Tennyson for casting for upcoming projects or any other business, please contact her management team at promomoto@yahoo.com.

Her newly redesigned website where music will also be sold, www.Amber10.com launches in March.

Also remember to visit www.myspace.com/amberten

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