Rissa, Star-In-Making

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Where’s She’s From: Multi-talented Rissa’s resume includes film, television, dance, modeling, and theatre. Now the up- and-coming starlet wishes to have her first loves, music and producing, under her belt.

Born Clarissa Beatty, September 4th, 1981 in New York City, the 25-year-old has dreamt of being a famous singer since a young age. "I'd see Michael Jackson perform, and I'd get excited just from seeing how the crowd reacts to him. I knew then that music was my life," she tells The Black Star News.

Breaking into the entertainment field at the tender age of six, Rissa performed as a child dancer for heavy-hitters such as P. Diddy, back when he was called Puff Daddy, Salt-n-Pepa, & Biv of BBD. She's graced the Apollo stage and made various dance appearances in many music videos all by the age of 13. "We'd be out performing at celebrity parties 'til like 4 in the morning on school nights," she recalls, talking about The Fly Girls, the name of the dance group. Through her mother's dream of a successful dance group, many different roads in the entertainment field were paved. She signed with several acting agencies where she acquired many lead roles as a young performer.

Where She’s At: Now as an adult, Rissa is working diligently on her music career, putting all aside in hopes to release a HIT debut album by 2007. "I'm writing and recording everyday, which I have to say, is very hard. I never knew how hard it is to record and sound really good,� she laughs.

“A producer I am working with told me he's locked many artists in the studio 'til they'd sing right—assuring me that the best have bad days as well. In the end, I’m always satisfied with the outcome!" she adds, noting that the producer has worked alongside many of today's chart toppers.

The musically inclined beauty looks up to singers like Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera vocally. She produces seductive, finger-snapping tunes that embody great lyrics and hot tracks. With many songs about crushes, partying, and a harsh relationship, Rissa should have no problem meeting her goal--releasing a HIT debut album that is.

Words of Wisdom:
Don’t feed into negativity. When you’re an entertainer, you’re criticized 24/7 by executives, the public, and even fans.  Always think positive and positive things will happen. 
Secrets of Success:  I try my best to think positive.  When I am in that state of mind, nothing seems impossible.  I feel like I can do this—and with a can do attitude, you bring many spirits up. This is where people start liking you!  So think positive.

To find out more about this star-in-making, check her out at
www.rissaonline.com and www.clarissabeatty.com.

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