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Where She’s From:
Sallie Toussaint, a lovely Taurus and former MS USA, was born in Connecticut but shortly after, her parents moved her and her two older siblings from a previous marriage back to Trinidad.

“Both of my parents are Trinidadian. They were long distance for a bit then decided to get married and have my mother move back with all of us for an easier life,” she tells The Black Star News.

Sallie moved to Trinidad as a newborn until she was about 12 then returned to the US.  “I went to an international school there with diplomats’ and ambassadors' children, which exposed me to different cultures and that is very healthy,” she adds. “I thank my parents for that because it has enabled me to have the inner sense for life to go by people's character and not looks or culture. I still have many amazing friends from all over the world.”

Where She’s At:
"My career is at the middle stage.  I have done so much in the beauty pageant and entertainment world, and now I am still doing more and will move on to other interesting fun things,” she adds. “I see myself in one more motion picture and then moving on to other things like writing and real estate.  I adore real estate investing.”

Sallie’s achievements include the Miss USA World crown. “I am one of only a few Black women including Miss Halle Berry to achieve that,” Sallie notes. “I am also most proud of modeling for some of the most amazing top photographers in the world like Antoine Verglas and Patrick Demarchalier and among many other accomplishments I am still in awe that Martin Scorsese and  Jack Nicholson hand picked me from hundreds of actresses of all ethnicities for two scenes in The Departed.  I feel very fortunate to work with legends.  I am so grateful for everything that has happened in the journey, good and bad.”
“Beauty fades but dumb is forever,” Sallie adds. “Look in the mirror when you need some help.  You'd be surprise how many of the answers to your questions you have already.”

So how does this super beauty prepare to step out?

“I mostly use pharmacy stuff because most department store products are just as good.  A lot of times it's genetic. I met Beyonce and her skin is lovely like an eight year old girl's. Genetics. Once in a while I will splurge at Sephora.”

Sallie’s Words Of Wisdom: “Compete with yourself. Be the best you can be so you have no time to slow down and look at what everyone else is doing.”
Sallie’s Secrets Of Success: “Believe and also laugh at yourself before the people do; because no matter who you are, they will.”
Sallie’s Favorite Three Movies: “Pretty Woman, Boomerang and Wall Street.”
Sallie’s Favorite Three Books: “Feminine Force by Georgette Mosbacher; Choices by Shad Helmstetterp; Shad's The Dude!”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Sallie: “Oprah Winfrey and my Dad Matthew Toussaint!”
Sallie’s Five Favorite Entertainers: “Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Julio Iglesias, Kanye West, and Barbra Streisand.”
Sallie’s Favorite Websites: “I love myspace, youtube and”

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