Shanesse: Beauty From Pomona

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Where She’s From: Beautiful young model Shanesse Deleon Adams, was born October 17, 1987 in the city of Pomona in California.

“It was in the wee hours of a Wednesday morning,� she tells The Black Star News. “Thanks to my artist father, I've always been pretty artistic and creative—which brought me designs for clothing, witty inventions, and an over thought out brain,� she says. “Most of all I have always been into beautiful things—whether it's God, fashion, people, the earth or just my friends and music. Thanks to my mom I am a very social and confident person who can get along anywhere in any crowd.�

“I attended public school up until the 7th grade and from there I went back and forth between independent study and public school until I graduated high school ahead of my class in 2004,� she adds. She's proud to have been educated mostly indepedently.

“I participated in a lot of sports in school. I was a  tomboy. I liked basket ball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, track, and handball,� she adds. “Don't get me wrong, I  loved each and everyone of Barbies. Outside of school sports I enjoy billiards or pool, and poker, riflery, martial arts, cooking, tennis and some old skool video games.�

Where She’s At:  “People tend to think of me as a free spirit but I  think of it more as I love being me and that is whoever I want to be. I've had a lot of extra time on my hands growing up as a child due to my choice to be in Independent Study and since I have always been a natural loner, I was always left thinking about things, creating things and figuring stuff out on my own,� she continues.

“I am a fashion freak,� Shanesse says. “I am so into shoes, accessories, clothing and style—it's a wonder why I never had the nerve to show up to school in four-inch heels, men’s suspenders and trousers, a feather boah and crimson lips. I mean I have so much fun with fashion my ideas for it are just endless.�

“I adore models and their job of modeling so much. It's like art as well. Apart from modeling I love acting and dancing as a way to open myself up,� Shanesse says. “I also consider myself a hair expert extraordinaire. I even taught myself  how to braid at the tender age of five years old.�

Shanesse’s Favorite Books:
“The Holy Bible—New King James’ Version and Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.�
Shanesse’s Favorite Movies: “Carlito's way, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, and What Dreams May Come.�

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