Shannon Lights Up Atlanta

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Where She’s From:
Shannon Williams, whose Zodiac sign is Cancer, was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“The most important thing that I learned from my parents is work ethic—both of my parents are very hard workers and both have the desire to have things in life,� she tells The Black Star News. “I have that same drive and motivation.�

Shannon attended the University of Cincinnati and then moved to Atlanta, GA, in Oct 2006 to pursue her modeling and acting aspiration. “I'm truly letting God guide me to where he wants me to go,� Shannon continues. “I aspire to be on the big screen one day doing quality work. I know his plan for me is to do something big but for now I'm walking the path he's paved for me without full knowledge of where it will end.�

Where She’s At:
One often has to meet challenges straight on to realize dreams, Shannon notes. “That's where my decision to move to Atlanta came about,� she explains. “Once I moved, everything started to fall in place. It’s not hard to be in the mix in ‘Black Hollywood.’ I squashed my fears of being away from my family and began to chase my dream because I knew it wasn't going to chase me.�

“Making the cover of the Bronner Brothers Fantasy hair magazine was unexpected but I was so proud,� she adds. “I've done many things that I'm proud of but when family is most impressed I'm happiest.�

“Beauty is nice to have but without brains there is nothing after the beauty fades,� Shannon cautions. “Brain power is important when it comes to makings decisions in your everyday career. I let my faith and intelligence guide me in making good business decisions.� 

So how does this lovely young model and actress step out? “I deal with a lot of different clothing companies so I'm not going to say I like one or the other," the diplomatic lady confides. "As long as the clothes are stylish, reasonable priced and comfortable, I like them. I’m particular about the brands of skincare, makeup, and fragrance that I use. I love Dove soap. Actually I have sensitive skin and that's the only soap that I can use. I use Clean and Clear when I have a breakout. I use body cream not lotion. I typically buy Chanel and Lancome foundation, Nars blush, Urban Decay lip gloss, Elizabeth Arden lipstick, and MAC eye shadow; when I don't have those on hand  I can find products in any local drug store to get by. If needed I use HIP foundation, any blush and eye shadow, and any lip gloss. I splurge on fragrance—fragrances are my biggest guilty pleasure. I have Gucci Envy 2, Chanel, Gucci Rush, and so forth. My favorite is Dolce & Gabanna's Feminine. I'm not a big shoe girl because when I'm modeling I'm in heels for hours and hours so when I have time off, I wear my Adidas sneakers. I am a fan of BCBG, Steve Madden, Marc Jacobs and many more.�

Shannon’s Words Of Wisdom:
“You must work hard to achieve your dream. If you’re not willing to work for it then give up because it's not going to be handed to you.�
Shannon’s Secret Of Success: “One word-Tenacity!�
Shannon’s Favorite Three Movies: “Matrix; Lord of the Rings—all 3; You've Got Mail.�
Shannon’s Favorite Three Books: “Death of a Salesman; The Secret; and, Harry Potter.�

Three Leaders That Have Most-Inspired Shannon: “Oprah; Barack Obama; and, Nelson Mandela.�

The First Three Things Shannon Would Do As President: “I would work on poverty and homelessness in our country; I would improve race relations in particular cities; and, I would work on improving schools in inner cities country wide.�

Shannon’s Favorite Cars: “I love the look of Maserati. I don't know how well it runs but it look nice. Toyotas and Hondas are great cars and they're my favorites.�
Shannon’s Five Favorite Musicians/Entertainers And Songs: “Stevie Wonder- Visions;
Prince- Purple Rain; Musiq- Lullaby; Lloyd- Street Love; and, Robin Thicke- I Need Love.
A Shannon Story: “This story is called ‘My Wish.’ There was a girl who grew up in a not so happy household. She spent many days alone and sad. The time she spent alone gave her time to dream though. She'd dream explicit stories of her becoming a famous model and actress with enough money to buy herself a big mansion with a huge kitchen. As she got older she still maintained her dream but she wasn't actively working toward fulfilling it. She became anxious because she felt like she'd let it pass if she didn't start to pursue her desires. She abruptly moved away from the city she was raised in and went to a place with more opportunities. She was scared because she didn't know anyone there. She began to model and act. Then one day, she got the acting role of her dreams. She took some acting classes to tweak her God-given talent. She was a star in the movie and the movie received numerous awards. She was acknowledged for her skills and that movie was just the beginning for her. She did movie after movie, show after show; she was a huge star. She was also very financially blessed. She took care of her family and also gave back to her community. All of her dreams came true and she lived happily ever after.�

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