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Where She’s From:
The beautiful Sharene Patterson, a Taurus, was raised most of her life in New York before moving to Texas and South Carolina; she new resides in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia.

“The most important thing that I learned from my parents is to always strive for what is in my heart and to never give up on anything that I set my mind to,” she tells The Black Star News. “They have also taught me that support is a great encouragement.”

Where She’s At: Sharene attended nursing school in high school and received a license as a Practical Nurse and went on to earn an undergraduate degree in biology. Education is a big deal for her and she’s currently attending Everest Institute. “Upon completion in October I will receive five certifications as a PCT, CNA, Phlebotomy technician and EKG technician.”

This 5’8” beauty has a dual-pronged strategy; a career in the health care business as well as modeling. “I am becoming more experienced as I take on the challenge of being a successful model,” she says. “I look forward to becoming a Registered Nurse and God willing, progress even further into becoming a health care administrator. As for modeling; getting involved in some print advertisements, runway and commercials.”

“You can show just how beautiful you are by the things that come out of your mouth long after your beauty fades,” she notes. A person cannot live with just beauty alone. Some can get away with their looks but will quickly get passed over for someone who can intrigue a person’s mind.”

Sharene’s Words Of Wisdom: “Take advantage of the opportunities presented before you because tomorrow is promised to no one.”
Sharene’s Secrets To Success: “Never give up; Always think positive; Strive for goals that exceeds your limits; Appreciate those that help you to reach your goals.”
Sharene’s Three Favorite Movies: “Grease, Pursuit of Happyness, Love Jones.”
The First Three Things Sharene Would Do As President: “Lower gas prices. Decrease unemployment rates by opening up more jobs. Provide free or extremely low tuition for careers that are in extreme high demand.”
Sharene’s Favorite Websites: “,,,,”

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