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Where She’s From: Beautiful model and entertainment artist Sheena was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in a little area called Washington Gardens.  “I guess you can say that I was raised in Florida, but I can’t relate to the southern demeanor or mannerism,” Sheena tells The Black Star News.

“I lived in New York before I moved to Florida and I can identify more so with northern personalities.  One thing I admire about my relatives, and this must date back to our African and Indian ancestry, is how they persevere through rough circumstances. It’s not easy being an immigrant and trying to make a better life out off the little scrapings that you get. I’ve learned perseverance, through and through.”

Where She’s At: Sheena graduated from Dillard High School, School of the Arts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She was a theater major and grew to love musical theater.  “The thing about theater is that as a person of African descent, there aren’t many roles,” she says. “But I loved being on stage, so that’s where my love for performance arts blossomed. After high school, I realized that theater wasn’t for me and I wanted to delve head on into my musical career. So around 2002, I started recording.  That was off and on and now I’m currently working with an independent production company called Projeck 9, where I’m currently working on my first solo album.”

“Right now I’m in the developing stage; developing my image, my sound, my voice itself.  But I’m so anxious to get out there and give what I got, because there’s a whole lot in this little body,” Sheena adds. “For me, recording this album will be a big feat. From there, wow, I want it to go as far as God is willing to let it. I just want people to hear me, to feel me, and I want to be remembered as a singer and songwriter with heart and talent.”

“Getting in front of the camera and being vulnerable to those lens, is such a release,” she says, of her modeling. “I’m proud of the results of the many shoots I’ve done and giving myself another avenue to express my artistic nature.”

“Everyone knows that beauty along with youth is not a lifelong thing.  So while you can, a person needs to acquire as much knowledge as possible to complement external beauty, because once it’s gone, no one wants to hear you if you have nothing to say and no one wants to buy if you have nothing to sell,” Sheena continues. “With both of those attributes, wow, you can rule the world.”

So how does this beautiful entertainment artist prepare to step out?

“I like Chance by Chanel because it’s such a soft, yet long-lasting scent. Clothing, I like Arden B because it’s so sexy- sophisticated and I love a good shoe; a shoe that has stiletto heel and just sex! Aveeno is great for the skin, it moisturizes really well and they have some great scents. I’m also addicted to MAC, the colors are so vibrant. You don’t want to see my make-up collection.”

Sheena’s Words Of Wisdom: “I don’t want to sound cliché, but everything happens for a reason. We can’t always identify the reason right away, but it’s important to make the best of what you have while you have breath and good health.  Just take life as it comes.”
Sheena’s Secrets Of Success: "I’m stubborn. Anyone that knows me would agree. I know what I want and I go for it with no reservations.”
Sheena’s Favorite Movies: “Jason’s Lyric, House of the Flying Daggers.”
Sheena’s Favorite Three Books: “Gathering Of Old Men, by Ernest Gaines; Lord Of The Flies, by William Golding; and, Native Son, by Richard A Wright.”
Three Leaders That Most Inspire Sheena: “Barack Obama; Rosa Parks; and, Bob Marley.”
The First Three Things Sheena Would Do As President: “Offer free healthcare; strike out poverty; and, retreat out of Iraq.”
Sheena’s Favorite Cars And Why: “Range Rover; class, style. Honda Civic Coupe; sporty and affordable. Infiniti G35; need I say more?”
Sheena’s Favorite Entertainers And Their Songs: “Lauren Hill; entire album Miseducation of Lauren Hill. India Arie; Ready for Love, The Truth. John Legend; Another Again, So High. Donny Hathaway; Greatest hits album. Beyonce Knowles; Daddy.”
Sheena’s Five Favorite Websites:,,,,”

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