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Where She’s From: Beautiful Shiloh Atkins, an Aquarius, was born in Waukegan, Illinois. “Waukegan is a small city, north of Chicago,� she tells The Black Star News. “My mom raised me and my sister as a single parent. So the story is oh so familiar of the mother working two to three jobs to support her kids.  My dad was in and out of my life and I have other siblings through him.  The most important things I learned from the women in my family are to be strong, independent and put God first. Also always find someone that loves you as much or more than you love them and they will always be good to you.�

Shiloh graduated from Waukegan High School and received her Bachelor Degree from Indiana University. She’s now working on her Master’s Degree.  “I launched my modeling career about six years ago. My mom had a friend that would design clothes and do fashion shows in the Chicago land area, and my mom would let me participate in the events,� she adds.

Where She’s At: This lady has energy and so far her hard work is being blessed: “Right now I’m just working on a lot of networking and making positives moves. I have so much in the works right now. I hope to produce my own T.V show and Movie this year. Currently I am a model for Queens of Paradise model team. We have a QOP calendar coming out this year as well. I hope to release my first CD this year.�

Where She’s Heading:
Shiloh has scored several successes. She was an MGD spokes model during 2005 and 2006. She released a Miller lite calendar in October of 2006. She’s also featured on Miller Lite bill boards in the Chicago land area. “I have always been interested in entertainment,� she says. “My biggest accomplishment was obtaining my bachelors degree. When I have the final copy of my movie done, that will be my greatest accomplishment ever.�

She has a warning for younger aspiring models: “In this industry there are a lot of people that will try to take advantage of you. It is so important to be smart about every decision you make. People always make pre-judgments about  women. They think we are stupid, or gold diggers. They think that we will settle for anything to get ahead. You have to know your worth. When someone sees a weakness, they will try to attack that weakness until they break you.�

How does Shiloh prepare to step out? “You probably wouldn’t expect to hear this from a model, but I’m not really into brands or fads or anything like that,� she says. “I will create a look I found at the thrift store. I hate following the crowd. Now perfume I love. My favorite is provocative by Elizabeth Arden. I also love any fragrance by Victoria Secret.�

Shiloh’s Word Of Wisdom:
“Never show signs of weakness. You are only as strong as you weakness. Don’t talk about it, be about.�
Shiloh’s Secret Of Success: “To always believe in yourself, and have a strong support base. Know that what God has for you is for you.�
Shiloh’s Three Favorite Movies Are: “Love Jones, Poetic Justice, and The color Purple.�
Shiloh’s Three Favorite Books Are: “The Coldest Winter Ever, Riding Dirty, Aftermath.�
The First Two Things Shiloh Would Do As President: “I would make more shelters with better conditions available for the homeless where they could learn to be self-sufficient. I would like to work on implementing more programs for teen mothers and fathers so they can care for their children while bettering themselves.

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